A Catalyst is Breaking a Popular Destiny 2 Exotic Instead of Improving It

The unfortunate string of Destiny 2‘s Exotics bugging out in Lightfall continues as one player discovered an Exotic Rocket Launcher not working as intended after equipping its new catalyst. Bugs and glitches aren’t uncommon after a major release, and to Bungie’s credit, the studio is proficient at patching said issues quickly. However, the Lightfall expansion has seen an unusual amount of Exotic weapon-related bugs pop up, sparking serious conversations in the community over Destiny 2‘s current state.


Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 differ from Legendaries by offering players a selection of Exotic perks that provide powerful bonuses upon activation. While some perks increase the rate of fire or another mechanical aspect, weapons like Destiny 2‘s famous SMG Osteo Striga and the Witherhoard Grenade Launcher boast perks that can change how entire subclasses function altogether. A key part of Destiny 2‘s Exotic armaments is the Catalysts available for select weapons that change how the Exotic perks function, enabling additional functionality or radically altering existing aspects of the perk.

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In Lightfall, Bungie added a new Catalyst for the Two-Tailed Fox, an Exotic Rocket Launcher that arrived with Destiny 2‘s Shadowkeep expansion, capable of dealing both Void and Solar damage, as its name would signify. Keeping up with the naming pattern, the Catalyst adds the Third Tail Exotic perk, enabling the weapon to fire a third rocket that deals Arc damage. Nodnahs, a Destiny 2 YouTuber, reported that the third rocket is currently bugged and doesn’t fire properly if the player is moving forward. Nodnahs clarifies that the weapon performs as intended if moving in any other direction and while falling. While bugs can present in odd ways, an entire projectile disappearing into the ether is a hilarious presentation, albeit at the cost of performance against enemies.

This issue can be easily avoided by staying in one place or moving from side to side during normal gameplay. However, considering Destiny 2‘s current chaotic endgame encounters and the slow-moving projectiles of Two-Tailed Fox, this issue can be problematic for players who wish to use the weapon as a DPS option. Two-Tailed Fox with the Catalyst enabled is currently a top DPS contender among Heavy weapons, with the added benefit of applying Volatile, Scorch, and Jolt debuffs on enemies. With players being hindered from moving to avoid hampering DPS, the weapon might lose its newfound relevancy soon if the bug doesn’t get patched.

Two-Tailed Fox has been a unique option among the plethora of Exotic weapons and even found a place in the DPS meta after the changes to damage types altered its functionality. Players can only hope Bungie will soon fix the Exotic Rocket Launcher, alongside several other bugged Destiny 2 weapons.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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