10 most Affordable countries to visit in 2022

Today we’re counting down our picks for the best countries to visit when you don’t have a lot of money. For this list we’re looking at countries where you can travel on a relatively smaller budget. They’re not always the cheapest but they are the most reasonable in context.


India, Golden Temple, Amritsar, cheap, money, budget

India is one of the world’s most recognizable countries and is home to many legendary landmarks like the Taj Mahal. With such rich architecture one might assume that a trip to India will cost a pretty penny or a pretty rupee. If you’re traveling from the United States though you might be interested to learn that in early 2022 just one U.S dollar is worth almost 76 Indian rupees, though rates can quickly change of course. With exchange rates like that you could book a luxury hotel around 20 to 30 dollars for a single while the plane ticket may be costly. You can get around the country on only about twenty dollars per day. A good meal will cost anywhere between three dollars and thirty-five dollars overall. You could spend a solid two weeks in India for between six hundred dollars and just under two thousand dollars.



No country is perfect but Denmark comes closer than most. The standard of living is through the roof with residents enjoying universal healthcare, a strong education system and an accepting community. That said living in this paradise comes at a price. With Denmark having one of the world’s highest tax rates. If you’re only visiting however, Denmark is while by no means cheap, cheaper than other Scandinavian or Nordic countries. Most of your travel budget will go into plane tickets, food and hotels. Since Denmark is about sightseeing above all else though the main points of interest won’t cost a cent. A stroll down the Nyhavn waterfront free, exploring the National Park free. By spending your money wisely Denmark can be far less expensive than it seems.



When people think of southwestern European countries, they often gravitate towards Spain. Portugal is anything but second best however, scoring high marks with its beaches tourist appeal peacefulness, social progress and economics. It’s also one of the continent’s most cost-effective destinations. One euro translates to just a little more than one dollar while this may add up in some other European locations. Portugal is reasonably priced with hotel prices ranging from 15 to 80 euros per night, public transportation is sensible with bus rides generally costing around 1 euro 50. Given the elegant scenery draping every corner though, you want to walk around which won’t cost anything. The same goes for just hanging out on the beach. You can’t put a price on Portugal’s beauty but you can get by on 70 to 115 euros daily.


Fiji island

When stacked up against some other island destinations Fiji is surprisingly affordable for smart spenders. Through Fiji airways a round-trip flight from LA to the tourist hub of Nadi costs around 800 dollars. We are not saying that’s cheap but it’s a sweet deal considering that tickets to New Zealand and Australia are over a thousand bucks. Once you arrive in Fiji you could live large at a luxury resort. If you’re looking for a backpacking adventure though Fiji is ideal for those with lighter wallets. Your own beds go for as low as 10 dollars per night. The same amount can be spent on food and travel every day. With Fiji’s natural wonders being open to the public, one can easily survive on 50 dollars daily.



There’s a common misconception that Nepal is only for eccentric millionaires who want to climb Mount Everest. True, climbing mount Everest isn’t for penny squeezers but the mountain views that Nepal has to offer are as free as the air we all breathe. That said Everest isn’t Nepal’s only mountain worth conquering. This south Asian country has a vast array of places to hike, climb and backpack through. It’s among the most inexpensive destinations in Asia with a daily budget estimated around 4000 Nepali rupees which translates to not much more than 30 dollars. You Can spend several days in the fall without going over 500 dollars. Taking full advantage of the country’s picturesque temples lakes and of course mountains.


Laos, pha that luang

Laos can be found bordering Thailand and Vietnam which are also sensibly priced countries to visit. Laos has a few advantages however Laos is far less populated than the aforementioned South east Asian countries with a population of just over 7 million residents. This provides more room to explore this country’s underappreciated treasures such as Pha That Luang. This Buddhist stupa might be coloured gold but Laos isn’t as costly as its luxurious site might suggest. On a daily basis food, transportation and hotels should cost a little over 200 000 Laotian kips (roughly around 20 bucks). You can spend the day hopping from temples parks and museums that won’t charge you for admission. It’s only more affordable if you walk or bike between destinations.


Egypt, pyramid, Sphinx

Egypt is another trip that one would expect to be exclusively catered to the ultra-wealthy. Maybe that’s because landmarks at the great Pyramid and the sphinx possess such a regal presence. In reality a tour group can take you on an Egyptian adventure for only 80 dollars or so. That particular tour includes a camel ride around the Pyramids. Although it will cost you more to venture inside. A Nile River cruise may be expensive but spending a day snorkelling with dolphins in Hurghada can go for just 30 bucks. Since Egypt is loaded with such rich history, you might as well get a free lesson at the museum of Egyptian Antiquities.


For a south American vacation Argentina, Brazil and Chile are towards the top in terms of high budgets. Bolivia provides a lower price act. But it doesn’t skimp on all the pleasures that comes with the south American package. There are plentiful lakes to swim in, colourful cities to observe from cable cars and breath-taking roads to bike across. Actually, youngest road may literally take your breath away as it’s been described as the world’s most dangerous road. If that sounds a bit too intimidating perhaps you prefer traversing the salt flat paradise of Salar de Uyuni. Exploring the haunting train graveyard or observing the flamingos of Laguna Colorada. And how much will all of this cost? Well around 45 dollars a day sounds practical.


CAMBODIA, Angkor Wat

Near Laos is Cambodia. Home to incredible landmarks like Angkor Wat and the city of Phnom Penh. If you had to guess based on these awe-inspiring images how much do you think a day in Cambodia would cost. A dollar for a filling meal, five dollars for a night at hotel and seven for train tickets. Coming out to less than 20 us dollars, it may be among the cheapest trips you can take but it’s also one of the most rewarding.


Bulgaria, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria,
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria, taken in May 2019, taken in HDR

We have all dreamed of taking a European vacation. For many of us though it’s always seemed out of our price range. Of course, people sometimes forget that there’s more to Europe than France, Italy and the United Kingdom. Bulgaria has all the amenities one would desire in a European adventure. Exquisite architecture, radiant natural landscapes and towns that range from sweepingly vast to quaint. What separates Bulgaria from some other countries in Europe is the price. Instead of euros the Bulgarian lev is the country’s currency and the exchange rate makes this amazing country amazingly affordable. For the most part, the average hotel price for a week stay should come in at under 800 dollars which is not bad. 


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