AI Image Program Accidentally Creates Bizarre Game Controllers

AI generated images have gained a lot of attention lately, and now multiple images of someone playing games have led to the creation of bizarre game controllers. AI often struggles to get little details right, as odd looking hands and fingers are often a giveaway that what appears to be a photo or drawing is actually an image created with AI.

AI has exploded in popularity recently due in large part to the development of platforms like ChatGPT and Midjourney. Many have been impressed and even disturbed by how proficient AI has become in creating text and images, and while there have been calls to slow down the development of AI, many feel the advancement of AI is inevitable. In the meantime, though, there are still some oddities in generating images on AI platforms.


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Recently, a Midjourney user attempted to generate an image of a woman enthusiastically playing a game on the PS5. The system provided a photography-quality image of a woman looking excited enough, holding a game controller. However, Midjourney’s idea of what a PS5 game controller looks like doesn’t seem to be quite right. Instead of a standard PS5 DualSense or even a PS4 controller, the shared generated images portray a variety of bizarre controllers that don’t exist in real life.

As the images show, some of these controllers are hulking monstrosities and look like they’d be extremely difficult to hold over a long period of time, let alone game on. Another commonality is that the controllers always seem to have their buttons and sticks on the reverse side of the controller, facing away from the user and towards the screen instead. The generated woman also doesn’t seem to actually be doing anything on the controllers, instead just holding them.

While AI is rapidly advancing, it still has a lot of hiccups to iron out. While it’s not entiretly clear how Midjourney misunderstood the prompt, it’s quite possible that it’s due to images of PS5 controllers on the internet. AI programs pull data from the web to generate text and images. It’s possible that Midjourney got confused about the controller since most standalone images of the PS5 DualSense show it from the front, not the back, and it has no contextual knowledge to recognize that. Additionally, mock-up images that were created to show what the PS5 controller might look like prior to the PlayStation 5’s release may have also confused the program, resulting in a weird amalgamation of real and fake controllers.

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