Alessio is Lucia’s Brother (!)

Well everyone, if you weren’t fearing for the fates of your favorite characters on The White Lotus, now’s the time to start worrying. If last night’s episode told us anything, it’s that things are about to implode.

Before we continue, here’s a quick reminder of what went down. Tensions between Ethan and his wife, Harper, rose (to say the absolute least) when he caught her flirting with Cameron. Harper insisted he had nothing to worry about, but her actions didn’t look as innocent as she claimed. Was this payback for Ethan’s alleged cheating? Well, he seems to think so. Elsewhere in Sicily, Tanya and Portia are still hanging around their new (and potentially very dangerous) friends. After a quick breakfast, the girls split up for different adventures. Portia goes out with Jack, whose drunken stupor killed whatever charm he had left. Tanya opted to hang with Quentin, who pressured her into a drug-infused night of partying with gun-yielding strangers.

Though everyone seems to be playing with fire, Albie, Dominic, Bert, and Lucia might be the first to burn. When Alfie invites Lucia to be his family’s translator on a day trip, they’re promptly sucked into a car chase with Alessio—a man who seems to be stalking Lucia. Despite her initial urgency to get away, Lucia eventually gets out of Albie’s car and opts to handle the situation on her own, which leaves everyone wondering who the aggressor really is.

So, what the heck is going on? Well, Reddit user u/saidwhatisaidbby has an interesting idea: the mysterious man could be a family member. Check it out:

Based on not much but if the “Greg is the cowboy” theory is correct lol then I might as well posit this one—mostly based on Lucia’s reactions—she didn’t exhibit real fear about getting in his car in this episode but we’ve seen him agress at her physically in a way that would be threatening if he were a friend or ex (to the point where I would not get in a car with him) but if it were a sibling it may be habit/non-threatening.

Ultimately, the fan believes Alessio is in on a larger scheme.

Later in the episode when she came to Albie’s room she looked genuinely wounded and when she said “he wants to control me” it felt to me like all of this added up to her family not approving of her sex work and her brother trying to stop it. I think she’s just using it as a convenient situation to pursue her long con of Albie.

Though Lucia did seem oddly comfortable leaving with Alessio, I find it hard to believe that he is her brother. Has your brother ever chased you with his car?! If anything, I think she may work for Alessio—or owe him money. In that case, she’d likely hope that poor Albie can get her out of the situation. Deep down, I don’t think Lucia wants to put Albie in any danger, but she does seem to think of him as her knight in shining Bermudas.

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