Alone in the Dark Remake Releases Disturbing New Teaser Trailer

Publisher THQ Nordic posts a haunting teaser trailer for the upcoming Alone in the Dark game to commemorate the Halloween holiday.

Publisher THQ Nordic recently released a very brief teaser trailer for the upcoming Alone in the Dark reboot to commemorate Halloween, and, though it’s scarcely over twenty seconds long, it’s as haunting as longtime fans of the series would hope it to be. While the new Alone in the Dark trailer doesn’t offer any solid hints at what the final product may be like, the lack of definite information could make the title seem all the more alluring.

Released in 1992, the original Alone in the Dark was considered by many to retroactively have been the first true survival horror experience, having been awarded that title after the Resident Evil franchise coined it in 1996. Brooding, mysterious, and taking influence from horror legends like H.R. Giger and H.P. Lovecraft, Alone in the Dark was certainly a unique specimen at the time. While it’s likely destined to be overshadowed by recently-rekindled genre titans like Resident Evil and Dead Space in the modern era, the adherence to tense survival horror combat and interesting 1920s flair seen in the first trailers indicate that this new Alone in the Dark title could well live up to the high bar set by its cohorts.


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Showcasing little else aside from a collection of macabre dolls in a child’s bedroom and a noose hanging in an attic, the new Alone in the Dark trailer doesn’t offer much insight into the upcoming project, though it does further cement the fact that horror will continue to be a key factor in the franchise. The official release date of the new game has yet to be confirmed, though publisher THQ Nordic and developer Pieces interactive have divulged that the game will serve as a reimagining of the original, likely in a similar vein to the beloved Capcom-led remake of Resident Evil 2. It will also see the return of original Alone in the Dark protagonists Edward Carnby and Emily Heartwood in a dichotomy that could perhaps mirror the roles of Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield in the affirmation survival horror hit.

Of course, Alone in the Dark is hardly the only survival horror IP to return from the dead in recent months. In October, Konami confirmed the long-awaited return of the Silent Hill franchise by announcing a slew of new releases from multiple developers. While each of the new projects garnered interest from fans, most of the focus has been placed on the remake of Silent Hill 2 helmed by indie horror outfit Bloober Team.

It may be quite some time until more information regarding Alone in the Dark resurfaces, but survival horror fans have more than enough to keep them occupied in the meantime. Ultimately, after years of speculation, it should come as a relief to many that leaks regarding Alone in the Dark and other long-dormant franchises finally manifest into something tangible.

Alone in the Dark is currently in development.

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