Animal Crossing Fan Spots Froggy Chair Graffiti Inside a UK Club

An Animal Crossing fan discovers the series’ iconic Froggy Chair in a rather unexpected place, as graffiti at a club in Wales.

A club might not be the first place one would expect to see a random Animal Crossing reference, but that is exactly what one fan in the UK found recently when they discovered the well-loved Froggy Chair graffitied on a wall. Nintendo’s colorful life sim series has been charming fans for over 20 years now, so it’s not all that surprising that fans are making their love of Animal Crossing known in various ways, random wall graffiti included.

Many elements of Animal Crossing have earned an iconic status among players throughout the decades. Recurring characters like Tom Nook and Isabelle have endeared themselves to millions of fans, and the cozy gameplay has inspired its fair share of competitors in the genre. When it comes to icons, though, few have proven as delightful or endearing as the Froggy Chair, a furniture item whose amphibian smiley face has been winning hearts since the days of the Nintendo GameCube.


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Such is the popularity of the frog-themed seat that it’s led to it being referenced outside of Animal Crossing fairly frequently, with recent appearances including a cameo in an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. And now another appearance comes courtesy of a Reddit user known as DefectiveHumour, who shared a photo of a Froggy Chair graffiti doodle in a club in Cardiff, Wales. It’s not known who put the doodle there, but whoever drew it added a little extra touch of their own, giving it a pair of slanted eyebrows that make the normally friendly chair look a little mischievous. For the full link, click here.

DefectiveHumour’s find has amassed over 1,600 upvotes on Reddit as of this writing, so it’s safe to say that people are enjoying this latest Froggy Chair appearance. Although the post doesn’t specify which club they found the graffiti in, a few of the comments point to NQ64, a club in Cardiff that features a wide range of games for customers to play, including setups for playing classic Nintendo 64 and GameCube games. A rather fitting place, then, to find random Animal Crossing fan art.

As of early 2023, the future of Animal Crossing is unknown. Major updates for Animal Crossing: New Horizons stopped coming out a long while ago, and word of its followup has yet to emerge. Despite that, however, fans have continued to engage with the series, continuing to play New Horizons and celebrating their love with new pieces of Animal Crossing fan art. The Froggy Chair graffiti in Cardiff is just one of the latest examples, and proves that one never knows where Animal Crossing will be referenced next.

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