Artist Turns Scooby-Doo into a Pokemon

A talented Pokemon artist turned Scooby-Doo into a Pokemon, showing an adorable version of the iconic character. With almost three decades of existence, Pokemon has gained fans of all ages. Despite its focus on younger audiences, it is not strange that there are many older Pokemon fans, who grew up consuming games and cartoons still loved by the public.

The cartoon world has several titles that are well-enjoyed, and among the most famous is Scooby-Doo. One of Hanna-Barbera’s most famous productions, Scooby-Doo has stood the test of time with a simple premise and endearing characters. Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Fred have a faithful talking dog, and together the group goes around solving mysteries and unmasking scary figures. Scooby-Doo has received several cartoon and live-action versions over the years, including the 2002 live-action movie written by James Gunn.


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And one talented artist decided to turn Scooby-Doo into a Pokemon, with a result perfect for fans of Pokemon based on dogs. Instagram user pokelodeon created Boochie, a Ghost-type Pokemon based on Scooby. According to the Pokedex entry created by the artist, Boochie is a very rare and intelligent Pokemon, but it is also incredibly fearful. The Pokemon got the abilities Gluttony and Emergency Exit, and the hidden ability Cud Chew. These, it is worth saying, are abilities existent in the Pokemon world, and at the same time make a clever reference to Scooby-Doo’s personality

The second fan art shows Frightund, a Pokemon based on the adult Scooby-Doo. This is a Ghost/Psychic-type Pokemon that, unlike other ghost Pokemon that are scary, follows a more friendly idea. Boochie evolves into Frightund after eating enough food, and Frightund incorporates the elements of its previous evolution with interesting additions, such as the exclamation point-shaped tail. According to the Pokedex entry, Frightund is a Pokemon with heightened senses, and because of this, it can sense threats. It will then hide in the shadows until it is coaxed out with food.

Concepts that already exist in the Pokemon franchise inspire the most diverse fan art, such as fan art about paradox Pokemon. The idea of “fakemon,” however, opens up an even larger universe of possibilities for the Pokemon community. There is no shortage of impressive results like pokelodeon’s fan art, which brings together the best of both worlds for fans. The result was a satisfying combination of the ideas and context of the Pokemon universe, to the design of a cartoon character that no matter how many years pass, remains extremely beloved.

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