How to Check the Air Quality Near You

Whether you’re concerned about wildfire smoke from Canada or other pollutants that make the air less breathable, it’s a healthy habit to always check the air quality index on your phone. Yes, it’s one more thing to do as you’re … Read more

Marc Andreessen Is (Mostly) Wrong This Time

I’d be surprised if Andreessen’s highly educated audience actually believes the lump of labor fallacy, but he goes ahead and dismantles it anyway, introducing—as if it were new to his readers—the concept of productivity growth. He argues that when technology … Read more

Coinbase and Binance Lawsuits Put Crypto on Ice

For the second time in 24 hours, the US Securities and Exchange Commission has sued a major cryptocurrency exchange. Yesterday, the regulator filed charges against Binance and its CEO, Changpeng Zhao, with accusations of manipulative trading practices, mishandling customer assets, and failures … Read more

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