Clever Elden Ring Idea Would Make Radahn Even Cooler

A fan of Elden Ring recently went online to share their creative idea about how to make Starscourge Radahn – one of the game’s most popular boss fights – an even more memorable encounter than it already is. While Starscourge Radahn is one of the more memorable bosses within Elden Ring, it’s no secret that the lead up to his arena has left some fans desiring more.

Radahn is one of shardbearers located within Elden Ring, and he must be defeated in order for players to achieve a certain ending. To fight Radahn players have to progress through Caelid, one of the more difficult areas within Elden Ring. Radhan’s boss fight is notable for its spectacle, as he utilizes gravity based magic attacks while being incredibly mobile thanks to his horse. The imposing boss is also one of the largest within Elden Ring, making him stand out from other bosses like Godrick or Malenia. While the fight itself is neat, the buildup to Radahn’s arena is quite lackluster, but one Elden Ring fan offers their simple suggestion to change that.


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Reddit user sentientfartcloud shared a post of their character overlooking Radahn’s boss arena in the Wailing Dunes. In the post they suggest that Radahn should be visibly roaming the arena before players arrive, allowing fans to catch a glimpse of the imposing enemy before they attempt to defeat him. While this might be difficult to program, it would add a sense of life to the desolate arena and serve as an immersive detail that players could observe during the Radahn Festival.

Other Elden Ring fans seem inclined to agree with the Reddit post, with several players adding their own minor suggestions to make Radahn’s fight more engaging. One fan states that they “hoped that you could see him fighting other NPCs if you activated the festival and then left.” Another fan mentions that they “love how we can see the Fire Giant on the other side of the wall before going in.” Though this idea is a minor suggestion, it’s clear that fans are in favor of it.

Elden Ring has no shortage of interesting bosses that players can observe before the actual combat begins, such as the various Tree Sentinels or Flying Dragon Greyll. Although seeing these bosses before the fight ultimately doesn’t change much, it does add to the feeling of a living open world. If players could observe Radahn before actually going down to face him, it would be an even more engaging fight than it already is.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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