Clever Gamer Builds PC Out of Garbage

A dumpster diving gamer challenged himself to build a PC made out of parts dumped in the garbage, and actually managed to pull it off. While the feat took some time, the gamer’s PC is now complete, with almost every single component coming out of the trash.

Building PCs is something that many gamers have learned to do, as it gives people the opportunity to customize every aspect of their gaming rig. Whether a flashy case and RGB lights or a super-powered GPU are the goal, most gamers look to brand new parts or second-hand ones for their rigs. However, it’s now been shown that digging in the trash for parts is a viable method of building a PC.


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Reddit user and gamer Rydirp7 shared their accomplishment on the site, revealing their gaming rig to the public. While not the flashiest piece of technology, Rydirp7 can boast that every single component except for the power supply and the RAM came from the trash. Having already acquired these parts previously, the gamer decided to utilize them in this build. However, that still left him with needing everything from the case to the motherboard.

Luckily, Rydirp7 discovered a local store that was tossing outdated components, and began checking the dumpster regularly. It took a few months, but over that time he was able to find every single part he needed to put together a functioning computer, including the GPU, CPU, hard drive, and case:

Dumpster Diving PC Build

  • EVGA GTX 570 Graphics Card
  • Intel Core I7-3770 Non-K Processor
  • iBUYPOWER Snowblind Element Case
  • Dell OptiPlex 9010 Motherboard
  • 16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM at 1600mhz (Previously purchased)
  • 750-watt Corsair Power Supply (Previously purchased)

However, there were some mild hiccups along the way. According to an interview with Kotaku, Rydirp7’s GPU didn’t function properly at first. He had to put his GPU in the oven in order to get it working again. While not advised by manufacturers, this is a trick PC fans sometimes follow as it can help to liquefy solder, allowing communication between components that had become disconnected over time or from minor damage. The SSD he acquired also still had data on it, which he promptly wiped.

Apparently, this is the second garbage-based build that Rydirp7 has created, with this one being a bit more powerful than his last. While it isn’t the most powerful gaming PC out there, being able to create any kind of an affordable game-capable PC after spending just over $100 on two parts is remarkable. It’s especially significant considering that without his dumpster diving, these parts likely would have ended up rotting in a landfill somewhere, contributing to the growing e-waste problem.

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