Daisy Jones & the Six Season 2: Release Date, Cast, News

As Daisy Jones & The Six nears its grande finale, one question has lingered in my mind: will we ever see a second season? If you’ve been tuned into the music-filled drama, I’m sure you’ve wondered the same thing. After ten episodes of tantalizing affairs, jaw-dropping scandals, and fabulous music, will the showrunner really call it quits? Should we brace ourselves for the end—or is there a chance Daisy Jones & The Six will return for another round of mayhem?

As it turns out, the answer is… maybe! Amazon Prime intended for Daisy Jones & The Six to be a limited series, but anything can happen in TV-land. The show’s creator, Scott Neustrader, admitted as much in an interview with Town & Country. He said, “There could be more story to tell if that was something people wanted, but time will tell if there’s any interest in such a thing.” Now, before we get our hopes up, it’s worth noting that Daisy Jones & The Six is based on Taylor Jenkins Reid’s novel of the same name. In Reid’s iteration, there is no sequel. If the show were to continue, the television writers would have to come up with their own material. However, the show has strayed from the novel, so continuing the plot is not entirely out of the question.

Even if Amazon chooses to end the series, this might not be the last time we hear of Daisy Jones & The Six. According to YahooLife, all of Reid’s novels happen within the same universe, and the author often cross-references her stories. For example, characters from Daisy Jones are mentioned in the books Carrie Soto and Malibu Rising, while a publication listed in Daisy Jones is also referenced in The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo—which is currently in the works at Netflix. Confusing! We know.

Reid said her literary universe came about organically. “There wasn’t a larger plan,” Reid explained to Penguin Random House. “I just needed the name of a magazine in an initial draft of Daisy Jones and thought, ‘Magazine names are hard. Why don’t I just use the one I already made up for Evelyn Hugo?.” After that, Reid said she found other ways to intertwine her books. “It’s been a very big surprise and a wonderful creative outlet to make up movie stars and movies and albums and magazines and swimsuit models of another dimension.”

If we’re lucky, the showrunners might surprise fans with a crossover. How cool would it be if Evelyn Hugo bumped into Daisy Jones at a party in the ’70s? It would be a shift from the originals, but hey, why not? While we wait to see what happens next for Reid’s beloved characters, be sure to tune into the finale of Daisy Jones & The Six on March 24.

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