Destiny 2’s Telesto Takes Over Twitter, Confirming Community Upcoming Event

After tons of speculation, a new Destiny 2 event is seemingly confirmed with the exotic fusion rifle Telesto taking over the game’s social media.

After plenty of speculation and rumors, Destiny 2 confirms an upcoming community event thanks to the exotic fusion rifle Telesto taking over the game’s social media accounts. With the Season of Plunder rapidly approaching its end, the community has been abuzz with rumors and speculations regarding an end of season event or mission. Following the Destiny 2 reset earlier this week, players began seeing strange behavior associated with Telesto of all things.


For longtime Destiny players, Telesto has been responsible for a long list of bugs throughout the years, commonly breaking parts of the game or even providing players a power boost in situations that shouldn’t have. Much of the bugged behavior comes from Telesto’s unique functionality by firing explosive bolts that stick to things before exploding. Each bolt is considered unique in the game space, which opens the door for strange behavior when adding effects, mods, and abilities interacting with them. Naturally, this has endeared the weapon to the community, something that Bungie has apparently tapped into for it’s latest community event.

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Following the Destiny 2 reset on November 8, players began to see strange weapon effect when using the exotic weapon. Initially reported by Forbes writer Paul Tassi, Telesto began to spark and smoke before shooting the bolts out at a slower rate than usual. Opinions and theories erupted from the Destiny 2 community over what this could mean, but answers are quickly approaching as the weapon has seemingly taken hold of the Destiny Twitter account.

The weapon continues to post messages of ascending beyond the need for a wielder, chastising players for being placed in their vault, while ultimately revealing that it is beyond Destiny and Bungie. Community manager Dylan Gafner has also gotten in on things by reporting that they’re suddenly seeing an influx of Telesto bugs and that there’s no timeline for a fix and could be deeper than anything seen before. While details have not been provided as of yet, it’s pretty clear that Bungie has something planned before the current Destiny 2 season comes to an end in early December.

This isn’t the first community event that Destiny 2 has seen, though it has been a while. Some have simply tasked players with contributing to a certain behavior like earning Dawning Spirit rewards for a seasonal holiday event back in 2020, to more complex puzzles. One in particular called the Corridors of Time had players working together to navigate a map by sharing unique symbols to find a specific pathway which ultimately led to the exotic Bastion quest.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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