Dragonflight Player Discovers Treasure Worth Over Two Thousand Gold

In one of the new Dragonflight zones, a World of Warcraft player comes across an extremely lucrative treasure that’s surprisingly easy to obtain.

The Dragon Isles in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight are filled to the brim with lucrative treasures, but there is one among them that a player came across shining far more brightly than the rest. Collectible treasures in World of Warcraft have had a long history with the game, and one might make the argument that its modern roots began in Mists of Pandaria. Simply put: they are gray items hidden across many World of Warcraft zones that serve no purpose but to be vendored for a large sum of gold.


Not all coveted loot in World of Warcraft is tied to player progression and power – some are just simple, honest rewards for exploring off the beaten path. For all its faults, the final zone of Zereth Mortis in Shadowlands had plenty of fun collectibles for players to discover, and Dragonflight seems to follow in the footsteps once established with Mists of Pandaria‘s nine zones. Though the treasure in the four zones of the Dragon Isles is varied and will keep players occupied for a while, there is one that stands out in a big way located in the Algeth’ar Academy of Thaldraszus.

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The discovery was made by a Reddit user who shared their secret on the official World of Warcraft subreddit. The treasure is an Elegant Canvas Brush, and it’s rather easy to miss. Thankfully, it also seems rather easy to obtain, as the original poster explains that the collectible is located under the bronze dragon races at Algeth’ar Academy, next to a tree where a random non-Dracthyr character is modeling for a Dracthyr painter.

The most attractive thing about the brush is that it sells for a whopping 2112 gold to any vendor, and though gold inflation in World of Warcraft has made the value lose a bit of its luster – this treasure, if looted across several characters, can rack up some serious profit while demanding very little time investment on the player’s behalf. While it may not benefit Azeroth’s most seasoned adventurers, World of Warcraft newcomers will no doubt appreciate some extra pocket money as they undertake their Dragon Isles journey.

With Blizzard Entertainment performing class tuning and balance changes for World of Warcraft, the developers are on schedule to set the stage for the inaugural season of Dragonflight‘s Mythic Keystones and raid tier. Enchants and elixirs aren’t cheap, and selling this exorbitantly priced canvas brush will at least help pay the repair bills to come.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is available now on PC.

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