Elden Ring Clip Shows that Fall Damage Makes No Sense

A strange clip from Elden Ring shows that fall damage makes no sense in the game. Elden Ring features a massive open world filled with secrets, and users will likely spend many hours exploring the world. Gamers also get to explore on a mount called Torrent, allowing them to quickly move across massive regions and reach otherwise inaccessible locations.

Elden Ring’s world features a ton of verticality, so users need to be careful while trying to jump to an area below. It’s easy to die in Elden Ring if players misjudge the height of the fall, and the game can sometimes be inconsistent in how much fall damage users take while jumping down. Now, one Elden Ring player unexpectedly takes fall damage while traveling across the world, showing that this gameplay system may need further improvements


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A Reddit user named megardl has shared a clip from Elden Ring of them exploring the world on horseback, which ends with the player jumping down from a considerable height. While the fan would have probably died if they had jumped directly to the area below, the video shows them landing safely on a small surface, with an incline that leads to ground level. Thinking that they have successfully managed to avoid fall damage in Elden Ring, megardl continues onward, jumping repeatedly as they reach the desired location. However, the player mysteriously dies at that exact moment, making it seem like they took full fall damage by jumping directly from the area above.

Some users in the comments section offer a reasonable explanation for these events, claiming that Elden Ring stops counting fall damage when gamers come to a halt. So, as megardl continued moving forward with repeated jumps, the gameplay system of Elden Ring counted it as a fall from a massive height. Another user mentions that the game never registered megardl making a safe landing, which may explain this unexpected death.

Other Elden Ring fans state that simply pausing between each landing will make the game recognize it as a safe fall, negating any damage gamers would have taken. Some users also go into detail regarding how fall damage is calculated in Elden Ring, and it looks like players can survive any fall as long as it’s under 20 meters. On the other hand, a few users happen to agree with megardl, as they too do not understand how fall damage works in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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