Elden Ring Fan Shares Stunning Blaidd Fan Art

An Elden Ring fan shares an exquisite drawing of adored character Blaidd, seen in the midst of a battle with his Royal Greatsword drawn.

An Elden Ring fan has finished a stunning drawing of Blaidd, the half-wolf, half-man custodian of Ranni the Witch. Blaidd is a near-universally adored Elden Ring character, from his accent to the tragic circumstances that inevitably befall him.

Blaidd is one of the earliest NPCs that Tarnished can come across during their journey through the Lands Between. In the traditional style of FromSoftware, the first possible meeting with Blaidd requires a rather convoluted series of events to transpire, including the acquisition of the Finger Snap gesture from Merchant Kale. Using it nearby the ruins in Mistwood causes the character to leap down from his perch, but rather than respond with aggression, Blaidd speaks to the player with a Welsh accent that not many would have assumed he possessed. Subsequent events see Blaidd join Tarnished for several fights, compete in The Radahn Festival together, and aid in the discovery of Nokron, Eternal City before things take a more tragic turn later on.


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A drawing posted to Reddit by unnamed_art honors Blaidd in stunning artistic fashion. It captures a side profile of the half-wolf, seemingly in the middle of combat with his Royal Greatsword drawn. The bloodstained weapon has caused a streak of blood to arrive from off the page, Blaidd’s mouth agape as whatever conflict he is embroiled in continues. His cloak and the visible aspects of his armor are perfectly recreated, especially for achieving such compelling fur in a drawing.

Blaidd’s Royal Greatsword is a Colossal Sword, one of the largest categories of weapons in Elden Ring. It is acquired after Blaidd loses his sanity and spawns at the steps of Ranni’s Rise. The lore that has been gleaned from item descriptions and obscure conversations with NPCs indicates that Blaidd was a gift to Ranni from the Two Fingers. It was believed that these presents from the Fingers would turn on their masters if action was ever taken against the Greater Will, but both Iji’s dialogue and the Royal Greatsword’s description suggest that even when Ranni betrayed the Fingers, Blaidd remained loyal.

When Ranni leaves the Lands Between, Blaidd’s single tether to reality and reason vanishes. He does not turn against her, merely loses his mind, slaughtering the Black Knife assassins that were likely waiting for an opportunity to murder his master. Both Blaidd and Ranni are popular inspirations for artists, with the demigod and her loyal companion having been drawn, painted, and even crafted out of pixels since the release of Elden Ring.

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