Elden Ring Player Beats Game with 5x Boss Mod On

An Elden Ring player finishes a lengthy challenge run that uses mods to multiply the number of bosses in each encounter by five.

A popular Elden Ring content creator has recently finished a challenge run that pit them against five of each of the major bosses in the game after several weeks of streaming. The result is a quick final confrontation with five Radagons and Elden Beasts, whom the streamer had previously spent more than two hours trying to beat before finally coming out on top.

The content creator has grown in popularity on Twitch and YouTube by playing speed and challenge runs of FromSoftware titles, including Elden Ring and the Dark Souls series. So, a challenge like fighting each boss five times isn’t completely out of the streamer’s wheelhouse, especially considering that they’ve beaten all of the major bosses without being hit or when they’re doubled already.


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In a clip from the latest stream of this five-times-boss challenge run, Twitch streamer Ainrun can be seen taking down a group of five Radagons before having to immediately swap to doing the same for five Elden Beasts. The clip itself only takes a few seconds, as the streamer quickly uses Elden Ring‘s powerful sorceries in order to burn down the 10 bosses for the final two encounters as fast as possible. The speed for the successful run also goes a long way to show exactly how difficult the task was, especially when compared to the two hours it took to beat the final encounter.

Explicit language warning for the following clip:

Outside the scope of the single minute it took to finally get the win against the gang of Radagons and Elden Beasts, the rest of the eight-hour stream during which Ainrun claimed victory shows exactly how much work goes into these challenges. One of the bosses faced before the end, Astel, Stars of Darkness, is a perfect example of this heightened difficulty, as this five-way encounter took more than six hours to beat. So, even if the final attempt is less than a minute, any one of Elden Ring‘s bosses can become an hours-long struggle when given four clones as backup.

With the game being months old at this point and FromSoftware not having announced Elden Ring DLC, these challenge runs can be one of the few pieces of fresh content fans can find now. While not every player wants to spend six hours fighting five bosses at a time, content creators like Ainrun are doing a great job of filling the void between major updates, along with the modding community that has continued to breathe new life into Elden Ring with augmentations like multiplying every enemy by five.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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