Elden Ring Player Builds Up Fortune of Almost a Billion Runes

An Elden Ring player builds an incredible fortune of almost a billion runes, hitting the cap on the maximum amount they can hold.

An Elden Ring player shows that they have amassed a fortune of almost a billion runes in the game. Runes play a key role in the world of Elden Ring, and they are functionally similar to Souls or Blood Echoes in FromSoftware’s other titles. While they are primarily needed to level up in Elden Ring, runes are required to improve weapons, upgrade Spirit Ashes, purchase items, and more.

Like the Dark Souls games, fans lose all runes upon dying, and they are they permanently gone if users die again before getting them back. As a result, many Elden Ring players are probably constantly spending their runes on leveling up or other upgrades, making sure that they will not use lose too many runes in case they die. Now, one Elden Ring user shows that they have collected almost a billion runes in their playthrough, reaching the maximum number fans can hold.


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A Reddit user named VahnNoaGala has shared an image from Elden Ring showing that they currently have 999,999,999 runes in their possession. Runes are capped at this amount, so the poster had to spend them before beginning the grind again. In one of the comments, VahnNoaGala shares that these runes were enough to level up from 353 to 639, and mentions that it’s still a bit far from the level cap of 713 in Elden Ring, with each stat being 99. In total, users need 1,692,558,415 to hit the max level from scratch, so it looks like VahnNoaGala still has a long way to go.

There are plenty of strategies to quickly earn runes in Elden Ring, but fans will notice that VahnNoaGala is using the Albinauric method to amass such a massive amount. For those unaware, repeatedly killing a bunch of Albinaurics next to the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace in Mohgwyn Palace is an easy way to get a ton of runes. Many users consider it to be one of the best farming spots in Elden Ring, and one gamer even built a robot that does the job for them.

Most of the other comments are filled with users talking about how many Albinaurics were killed in the process, with some questioning the decision to undertake this time-consuming endeavor. Despite its effectiveness, it can still take a lot of time for players to farm so many runes in Elden Ring, as VahnNoaGala confirmed that it took them around 50 hours of grinding to obtain almost a billion runes in the game.

Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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