Elden Ring Player Gets Destroyed By Their Own Spells

An Elden Ring player made their fight against the Mimic Tear a little too exciting when experimenting with the boss, being killed by their own spells during a simultaneous flurry of raining arrows and deadly draconic fire. The Mimic Tear boss fight in Elden Ring has been a plentiful source of entertainment since release, with some players discovering that given the appropriate tools, this copycat can be a formidable, and arguably unfair, foe.

The weirdest aspect of the Eternal City of Nokron is not that a meteorite must obliterate southern Limgrave to reveal it, or even that the entire city had been beneath the player’s feet this whole time. Rather, it is the first boss of the area which is both baffling and intriguing, drawing Tarnished into a battle against themselves. The Mimic Tear duplicates everything that the player has equipped, including but not limited to armor, weapons, and spells. There are ways to manipulate this intention however, provided by the time that exists from when the Mimic Tear spawns, until the fight commences. Within this approximately 10-second period, players are able to alter their equipment while in little danger, causing some to pass the golden fog wall bare-fisted, subsequently equip a weapon, and proceed to bash a helpless replica of themselves.


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In a video uploaded to Reddit by u/Firaxyiam, however, their use of this respite before battle made the confrontation significantly more difficult, and eventually deadly. The duel begins with the player character already dangerously low of health, dodging through a cast of Triple Rings of Light, and managing to get a hit in before the Mimic Tear rolls away to gather itself. In what would prove to be the start of an overwhelming barrage of incantations and sorceries, the Mimic casts Ancient Death Rancor, forcing the player to run as a horde of ghostly skulls bear down on them.

Throwing down a Gravity Stone Fan, the Mimic Tear does not rest in its pursuit of the player, casting Founding Rain of Stars as the aptly evaded skulls explode beside the player. As if this was not enough already, the Mimic effectively traps the player by using Placidusax’s Ruin, the golden rays taking their attention away from the falling stars which chip away at the last vestiges of life. Comments joked that the Mimic Tear embodied Sir Gideon Ofnir better than Gideon himself, one of Elden Ring‘s late game bosses, who makes use of incantations and sorceries that the player has told him about throughout their playthrough.

The player confirmed in the replies that they had equipped all of those spells exclusively for the fun of it, which also explained why the Mimic Tear has such vastly different armor compared with the player. The Bull-Goat set boasts incredibly high defense and poise, making the player’s attacks substantially weaker than they otherwise would be. Another way to make the typically trivial Mimic Tear fight harder is to provide it with a shield, as an Elden Ring player demonstrated recently during a humiliating contest.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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