Everything We Know About She-Hulk Season 2

This story contains spoilers for the Season One finale of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

The end of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law opened up Pandora’s box. By rewriting her own story in the finale, Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) not only altered what happened—but also what could go down next. Now Hulk has a son, for god’s sake! And is She-Hulk fully dating Daredevil?! The Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn’t been torn open like this since Doctor Strange made everyone forget that Spider-Man exists.

Plus, a robot named K.E.V.I.N., which stands for Knowledge Enhanced Visual Interconnectivity Nexus, is officially canon. This K.E.V.I.N.—a talking machine complete with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige’s signature little black hat—uses an algorithm to writes all of the MCU’s shows and movies. Jen erases Todd getting Hulk powers, Bruce saving the day, and the Abomination not taking any responsibility for his actions. The robot obliges, so She-Hulk gets to have a nice picnic with her family and Matt Murdock.

Obviously, it’s all for laughs. I don’t think we have to seriously think about if it’s possible that someone else like Doctor Strange or Kang could access K.E.V.I.N. and rewrite MCU timelines. That being said, it does place Shulky here in uncharted waters. As K.E.V.I.N. explains, Bruce Banner was supposed to tell Jen what he was doing in space. “Save it for the movie,” Jen quips. She also tries to give the robot some thoughts about the direction for Season Two, teasing her potential return.

What Could Happen in Season Two of She-Hulk?

Anything, really. With her character now established in the MCU, you could have She-Hulk do whatever you want. She could defend more superheroes in court, join the Fantastic Four (as she does for a time in the comics), or even appear in the highly teased World War Hulk film yet to be officially announced. After all, Marvel technically doesn’t own the rights to even produce a solo Hulk outing right now. Disney ended up acquiring the X-Men, so how hard could it be to get Hulk too?

Who Would Return for She-Hulk Season Two?

Since no one died in She-Hulk and their stories were completely rewritten, pretty much everyone can come back. We’ll have to wait and see what happens to other MCU heroes such as Hulk, Wong, and Daredevil as their stories continue. But you can’t drop the bomb that Hulk has a son on us without coming back for more. For all the insanity that was She-Hulk, Tatiana Maslany still gave an excellent performance, and we hope the MCU hasn’t seen the last of her.

When can we expect She-Hulk Season Two?

If there’s a Season Two for She-Hulk, it likely won’t be coming anytime soon. Using Loki as a reference, Season One debuted in June 2021 but Season Two won’t premiere until mid-2023. That puts She-Hulk Season Two airing in Fall 2024 at the earliest, if the series is renewed. And in the MCU, a lot can happen over two years! Did we mention that Hulk has a son now?!

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