Fallout 2D Sidescroller Shows Off Incredible Gatling Laser Gameplay

A fan-made Fallout 2D side-scroller has shown off some incredible footage of the game’s Gatling Laser in action. The Fallout franchise has inspired some incredible fan projects in the past, but this one has the polish many would expect from an official release.

Ever since their original releases, fans have created plenty of different projects to bring Interplay’s Fallout games into the modern era. Another project looked to remake Fallout 2 as an FPS, making it more similar to the modern Fallout games. The original game is over 25 years old at this point, so it’s definitely reasonable that gamers want a fresh new way to experience the classics. Right now, it seems Bethesda has no intention to officially remake either of Interplay’s games, so until then, fan projects will have to fill that gap in the market.


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The game is a full remake of the original 1997 isometric RPG, this time from a 2D perspective. It’s aptly titled Fallout 2D, with the Gatling Laser gameplay posted by Redditor MaxRocker, a developer on the project. There’s no doubt that it looks extremely impressive, as the protagonist tears their way through hordes of ghouls in the satisfying footage. One thing the project hasn’t touched upon yet is the player choice in Fallout. This element is such a crucial part of Fallout games, and it’s currently unknown if the developer is planning to include player choice in any way.

More gameplay from the Fallout 2D project emerged in March, showing off some Vault 15 footage while evoking side-scrollers of the past, such as Metroid. The swift progress of the project is obvious – previous gameplay footage was focused on small 1v1 combat encounters, whereas now the developer feels comfortable enough to show the player fighting plenty of enemies at once. It speaks to the huge progress the combat system has made in such a short space of time, and it’ll be exciting to see how it evolves even further in the coming months.

Despite Fallout 5 being some time away from release, the franchise has plenty to offer fans in the near future. Fallout 76 continues to receive expansions at regular intervals, with the game finally in a state that can be enjoyed by long-time fans of the franchise after a rocky release. Aditionally, the upcoming Fallout TV series at Amazon has allegedly finished filming, so more news on that should be forthcoming soon. With the critical success of The Last of Us on HBO, there is a feeling that studios are finally beginning to understand how to correctly adapt video games for other mediums, in a way they’ve failed to do before, and it’s gamers who’ll reap the benefits.

The original Fallout was released in 1997 for PC.

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