First Pokemon GO Player To Reach Level 50 is Getting Death Threats

The Pokemon GO player known for being the first to reach level 50 in the game shares that they have been receiving death threats in their comments and private messages on social media. With the Pokemon GO community already in outrage with significant changes in the mobile title’s features, it seems that even the game’s well-known content creators are being hit by the negative backlash as well.

For the Pokemon GO player base, playing the mobile game has been rough the past few months. Niantic brought about many changes in the Pokemon GO Remote Raid feature, which was something implemented during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that lock-downs and travel restrictions are becoming a thing of the past, Niantic seems to be determined to bring back the true intention of the title, which is to have people physically come and play together. This can be seen in the return of its physical-only special events, which looks like part of the reason why the community is so angry at this particular content creator.


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On Twitter, content creator FleeceKing shared that they have been receiving social media comments and direct messages with death threats. Fans of Pokemon GO will likely remember FleeceKing as the first player to reach level 50 in the mobile game. In the image shared, a compilation of different messages showed the same theme of insulting the content creator, calling them pathetic and a “HypocriteKing,” encouraging them to commit suicide, and telling them to get a real job, especially since he bought a ticket to the upcoming Pokemon GO Fest 2023. FleeceKing shared that they are needing a “break,” given how hurtful the comments have become.


Despite receiving these kinds of messages from the hateful side of the Pokemon GO fan base, many have shown their support for FleeceKing on their Twitter post. Most of the replies and comments showed fans rallying behind the content creator, telling them not to mind the negativity. Many have also shared FleeceKing’s post, stating their opinion that it is not right for people to send these kinds of messages to innocent content creators who only want to play a game.

Though some may find it justifiable for the Pokemon GO community to be hating on Niantic for all the title’s unwanted changes, it is still not right to be turning the negative attention onto content creators who have nothing to do with the development of the game. Hopefully the players will ease off and leave FleeceKing and their fellow influencers alone.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS.

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