Funny Skyrim Picture Shows Farkas Hatching From an Egg

Skyrim players think they’ve seen everything in the fifth Elder Scrolls game, but then a wild hatching Farkas appears to prove them wrong.

Skyrim players have no doubt heard about Argonians hatching from an egg, but a hilarious image shows Farkas poking out from a colossal shell in a manner that can’t help but elicit a smile. Farkas is no Argonian, but rather a Nord and a member of the Companions, the Skyrim equivalent to the Fighter’s Guild faction from other Elder Scrolls games. Moreover, Farkas is revealed to be a Lycanthrope over the course of the story, making the whole situation even more ridiculous.


After completing the Companions questline in Skyrim, Farkas becomes available to players as a follower, capable of holding his own against Dwarven automatons, Falmer, bandits, and all sorts of foes he might come across while accompanying the Dragonborn. During one of these adventures in the Draugr-infested ruins of Skyrim, Farkas may find himself stuck in a broken jar – whether by accident or on purpose – one will never know, given that the game isn’t exactly well-known for its impeccable, realistic, and not-at-all annoying follower movement.

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In this particular example, Farkas really did get stuck in a broken jar, and that broken jar truly does resemble the shell of an egg. The incident happened to Legnd20Devin, who shared their experience with the official Skyrim subreddit. The community found the whole affair rather ridiculous in the best of ways, and quickly flocked to the post with memes and comments that built off the original joke.

From accusing Farkas of appropriating Argonian culture, to drawing a comparison to the famous “Panzer of the Lake” and “Lalafell of the Pool” meme formats, Farkas of the Egg is the kind of spontaneous fun that brings out the best in the inherently chaotic interactivity of a video game. The idea of a hatching Farkas is strangely not that new or as original as one might expect, because the incident has been occurring to other Skyrim players for a long while.

Given that Skyrim has turned eleven years old, it’s a game that spans across multiple generations in both its console platforms, and its fanbase. Things that have happened to Skyrim veterans may yet remain wholly unfamiliar to its younger players, as Bethesda’s sandbox has effectively reached timeless status. The only threat to Skyrim‘s place in the limelight is the eventual release of The Elder Scrolls 6, but given the amount of support its predecessors have gotten through extensive community mods for Morrowind and Oblivion, it’s very likely that Skyrim will remain in the video game discourse for a long time.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – Anniversary Edition is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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