Gamer Finds God of War Funkos With Hilarious Flaw

A God of War gamer found a Funko Pop set with a hilarious typographical error that contextually fits the franchise. While the franchise has always starred fan-favorite Kratos, the introduction of Atreus in 2018’s God of War has created a new dynamic that has refreshed the new games. Evolving from a straightforward hack-and-slash adventure game, the relationship between father and son has added a new mechanic which has improved on the old titles’ gameplay.


Fans are already speculating on how the sequel to God of War Ragnarok could improve Atreus’ character. Some fans have even prophesied that the son might eventually be the one to become a formidable foe to his father. While all these theories and guesswork lead to some interesting storyline developments, there has been no announcement of a follow-up at the moment. However, one eagle-eyed fan has jokingly tried to stir the pot a bit when they spotted a toy with a typographical error.

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A gamer recently found a funny flaw in a Kratos and Atreus Funko Pop two-set. The box saw the God of War duo be named “Kratos and Atheist” instead. This sounds hilarious based on the context of the video game franchise. While the game has seen the lead character Kratos slaughter and defeat various gods spanning from both Greek and Norse mythology, the typo implies that his son does not believe in the existence of said gods. This might include his father who is a demigod but also became the God of War after defeating Ares.

While this is definitely a laughable simple error and does not relate officially to the game, it seems like a timely mistake considering the context. Atreus’ departure in God of War Ragnarok does relate to this topic. For those who haven’t finished the story, Atreus begins to question his destiny and departs, leaving a lot of questions behind. He then states that he and Kratos will meet again someday, potentially setting up a reunion in the future.

The God of War franchise holds a large number of gods which definitely debunks this small error. With Kratos getting in a huge number of kills and murdering all these gods one by one, the time may eventually come when no gods exist. As it stands, there are a lot more mythologies that God of War can borrow from. The existence of gods will remain the main focus of God of War, but this naming flaw does create a funny idea within fans’ minds.

God of War Ragnarok is available now on PS4 and PS5.

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