Gamer Shows Off Massive Collection of Pokemon Figures

A hardcore Pokemon fan showcases the incredible number of pocket creature figures and statues they own in a beautiful glass display case.

A fan has recently shown off the massive collection of Pokemon statues and figures that they currently own. Likely collecting each of these items from a young age, fellow Pokemon fans will probably be filled with envy or be very impressed at the sheer amount of pocket creature toys the owner has added to their collection over time.

With The Pokemon Company continuing to produce official Pokemon merchandise over the years, it is not surprising for the franchise’s fans to have grown their personal collections of themed toys and products. Though some prefer to collect certain types of Pokemon within the video games, others enjoy having physical representations of the pocket creatures in their real-world homes or living spaces. However, seeing a fan actually display all of their pieces in one cabinet, just like this particular gamer, is likely something that will impress the rest of the Pokemon community.


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On the Pokemon subreddit, user Akebokke shared a single photo of their massive collection of Pokemon figures. According to the post’s caption, the Redditor had purchased a new glass cabinet in hopes of housing all the pieces that they currently own. The photo likely did not disappoint fellow Pokemon fans, as the sheer number of figures displayed in each shelf of the cabinet could easily add up to 30 or more pocket creatures. Members of the franchise’s community will also probably find it interesting that the Redditor seemed to have taken the time to arrange each of the small statues by their Pokedex number.

Many fans on the Reddit thread shared their surprise and amazement at Akebokke’s huge collection, especially since some of the figures were released years ago, and are hard to come by nowadays. Some commenters were also very eagle-eyed, pointing out that other pieces looked worn down. The Redditor then shared that some of these Pokemon statues and figures were already in their collection when they were still a child, so a bit of wear and tear is more visible in certain items than others.

Given the number of Pokemon in today’s Pokedex, there is no wonder that there are still some empty spaces in Akebokke’s current display case. And with The Pokemon Company likely adding more with every Pokemon generation, the Redditor may have to purchase another glass cabinet to put their future figures in. Hopefully they will also share the more complete collection with fellow fans, as that will probably be an amazing sight to see for them.

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