Gamer Turns Their Elden Ring Character Into a Giant Jar Tank

An Elden Ring player has shared their build online, showcasing their attempt at turning their character into a giant jar tank, a reference to the various living jars one encounters across the game’s open world. Elden Ring allows for many different play styles through its in-depth character creation options, with this build serving as the latest example of players using the game’s in game items to build a truly unique Elden Lord.

The living jars are a group of creatures that the player encounters numerous times throughout their playthrough of Elden Ring. While most of these jars are standard enemies that attack the player if provoked, several of them are involved in some of Elden Ring’s various side quests. Among these quest based jars are the fan favorite side characters Iron Fist Alexander and Jair-Bairn. Elden Ring also features inventory items that players can attain and emulate the various aspects of the living jars, including the Jar Cannon and the Great Jar’s Arsenal Talisman. One player went to Reddit and shared a screenshot of their build, which utilizes the aforementioned items and a distinct set of headgear to turn their character into a giant jar tank.


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Reddit user chainer1216’s build is a comical departure of the usual characters that are shared online. In chainer1216’s screenshot one can see his character’s gear and the starting keepsake, which is a cracked pot, yet another reference to the living jars. Among the character’s items are various bombs, the Jar Cannon, Great Jar’s Arsenal Talisman, and the Jar Helm. Players can receive the Jar Helm from Iron Fist Alexander upon completing his quest, and the Jar Cannon through exploration.

The Reddit post showcases just how deep Elden Ring’s customization can be. While it’s not uncommon to see player builds like a dexterity build, or a strength one, some characters are built in more unique ways. There have been plenty of interesting Elden Ring builds shared online in the past, such as sleep builds, toxic builds, and even some based on characters like Kratos. Although many character builds are meant to capitalize on Elden Ring’s various combat mechanics, others like chainer1216’s are a fun and unique way to make the main character stand out and play interestingly.

Elden Ring first released in February 2022, and since its launch there have been plenty of online posts about players’ character builds. While some are somewhat simple, focusing on causing bleed or having a higher damage threshold, others like chainer1216’s are meant to be different yet viable. There’s no shortage of possibilities, whether players want to do a simple strength build, or one based around roleplaying as a jar, Elden Ring has it all.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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