Genshin Impact Artist Fuses Wanderer’s Freeze Team Into One Concept

A Genshin Impact character concept combines four different characters into one design. The game allows players to include up to four different characters in their team composition in order to combine their elements and trigger various elemental reactions. In some specific domains, Travels can have up to five different characters in their team comp.

With the recent introduction of two new characters, Baizhu and Kaveh, the total number of characters has increased to 67. This means that players can combine and test the synergy of these characters by constantly changing their active party. Genshin Impact enemies have different weaknesses and players can adjust their team when fighting against certain opponents.


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A Reddit user named ECHO_WT has shared an interesting concept that combines four characters that are usually used in a Freeze team composition that has Wanderer as the main DPS character. This team which includes Wanderer, Xingqiu, Faruzan, and Layla, relies on triggering the Frozen elemental reaction which can be activated by combining Hydro with Cryo. While this elemental reaction does not provide any damage buffs, it has the potential to completely immobilize a large group of opponents and allow the DPS to reposition and perform their damage with ease. The concept received a lot of attention on the official subreddit as it gathered over 3k upvotes.

Genshin Impact fan-art

Wanderer is a popular Anemo DPS character who was released back in update 3.3 alongside the Geo user Arataki Itto. The fact that he is an Anemo user means that Wanderer cannot interfere with any other elemental reaction which makes him a very flexible character that can fit many different team comps. He has a very specific playstyle that allows him to float above his enemies and deal tons of damage with his Anemo-infused ranged attacks.

Faruzan is the go-to support for almost any team that has Wanderer as the primary DPS character. Her whole kit revolves around enabling other Anemo characters by increasing the party’s elemental damage and shredding the enemies’ resistances. The two remaining units, Xingqiu and Layla, are the two characters responsible for triggering Frozen in this team.

Xingqiu is considered the best Hydro four-star character in the game thanks to a very simple kit that allows for constant elemental application. Layla is a popular Cryo support whose playstyle relies on providing powerful shields to the whole party. At the moment, she’s probably the best four-star shielder in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is in development.

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