Genshin Impact Concept Gives C7 Levels to Bennett, Fischl, and Barbara

A Genshin Impact fan has created a couple of interesting concepts that give additional powers to three four-star characters: Bennett, Barbara, and Fischl. Each character in the game has six constellation levels which can be acquired by pulling multiple copies of the same playable unit.

Genshin Impact‘s playable roster can be divided into two main categories, five-star and four-star characters. Five-stars are much harder to obtain as they run on a 90-wish pity which guarantees a five-star drop within 90 wishes. Four-stars have a 10-wish pity, but the odds are divided between three different characters.


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Building up constellation levels on four-star characters is much easier, but this also means that players often avoid pulling on a banner that contains one or two four-stars that they’ve already maxed out. Reddit user lloviendo has proposed an interesting solution in which they gave additional constellation levels to some popular Genshin Impact characters. Bennett’s new C7 grants an additional effect to his Elemental Burst, Fantastic Voyage, which would periodically deal Pyro damage to nearby enemies. Whenever an opponent is struck, the skill would restore 5 Energy particles and decrease the Elemental Skill cooldown of the active character.

Genshin Impact C7 concept

Some fans have pointed out that this buff would make Bennett too strong and a must-have for almost every team composition in the game. Recent Spiral Abyss reports have revealed that Bennett is by far the most popular four-star character in Genshin Impact. However, others claim that they would not get this constellation because they want to avoid getting the current version of Bennett’s C6 level which limits his flexibility.

Barbara’s new C7 would increase the AoE effect of her Elemental Skill by 50% and the Bloom damage of her team by 50%. This would solve one of Barbara’s greatest issues which is the small AoE effect of her skill. It would also make her a viable pick for the famous Bloom team composition which usually consists of characters that use the Hydro and Dendro elements.

The proposed C7 level for Fischl would make her Oz fly and strike nearby enemies acquiring up to three stacks. Each of these stacks would make her next Charged Attack deal AoE damage and the charge time would get cut in half. Multiple replies in the comment section claim that these and similar changes would definitely increase the pick rate of many Genshin Impact four-star characters that are currently avoided.

Genshin Impact is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is currently under development.

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