Genshin Impact Releases Mika Character Demo

Genshin Impact has revealed the official character demo video for the upcoming Cryo user Mika who is scheduled to arrive in the second part of update 3.5. Even though over the last couple of months HoYoverse introduced an interesting pattern of featuring all of their new characters in the first banner cycle, they’ve decided to split Mika from the new five-star Dehya.

Travelers that plan to add Dehya to their team don’t have a lot of time to do so since her Limited Character Banner is scheduled to expire around March 21. Acquiring this Pyro user will be much harder in the future since she will join Genshin Impact‘s Standard Banner after update 3.6 arrives.


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Genshin Impact‘s official social media accounts have released the character demo for the new four-star Cryo character Mika. He is a very shy character who belongs to the Mondstadt region which makes considering that update 3.5 featured the annual Windblume Festival which is always hosted in the Anemo region. Mika has a great passion for cartography which is one of the main reasons why he decided to join the Reconnaissance Company of the Knights of Favonius, which is led by the Cryo user Eula. When it comes to his power on the field, the recently held Special Program event for update 3.5 revealed that Mika will be a new support.

Mika will be able to provide constant healing to his teammates with the help of his Elemental Burst, Skyfeather Song. His Starfrost Swirl is a unique Elemental Skill as it allows Mika to pull out his crossbow and fire a Flowfrost Arrow which deals damage to every enemy on its path. Many players will probably add this Cryo user to their roster since he’s part of the upcoming double banner which will feature two powerful Genshin Impact characters, Ayaka and Shenhe.

Since her release back in update 2.0, Kamisato Ayaka has been probably the strongest DPS character in Genshin Impact when it comes to dealing elemental damage. Her banner colleague, Shenhe, is another Cryo user who thrives when surrounded by characters that have the same element which makes her a great support for Ayaka.

Genshin Impact‘s Twitter account officially revealed that Diona and Sucrose will join Mika on the four-star lineup. This will be the first time in the game’s history that four out of five limited characters have a Cryo Vision.

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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