Genshin Impact Video Shows Wanderer in Freeze Team Comp

A new Genshin Impact video shows Wanderer’s power in a popular team composition that relies on triggering the elemental reaction Frozen.

A new Genshin Impact video leak shows the upcoming character Wanderer placed in a Freeze team composition. The game allows players to create their own party of four characters, and combine their skills and elements in order to increase the overall damage potential of the comp.

Wanderer is a new Anemo user who is scheduled to arrive in the first part of the upcoming update which will also introduce a new four-star character named Faruzan. Every update in Genshin Impact has its beta phase which includes most of the upcoming content, including new characters and weapons.


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A new post on the popular Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit shows a video featuring two of the new Anemo characters, Wanderer and Faruzan. The post reveals how well they perform when put in a Freeze team composition which is a popular type of party that relies on triggering Frozen. This elemental reaction can be caused by combining Hydro with Cryo, and it immobilizes enemies for a couple of seconds by applying the Frozen aura. Unlike most other elemental reactions in Genshin Impact, Frozen does not deal any extra damage which is compensated with a strong Crowd Control effect that allows players to reposition and make sure their most powerful attacks don’t miss.

Besides Wanderer and Faruzan, the Freeze team comp in the video also includes the Hydro user Yelan and the recently added Cryo bow user Layla. Yelan is one of the best sub-DPS characters in Genshin Impact, but she can also be used as a main DPS and support. At the time of her release, she was by many considered a slightly stronger version of the four-star support character Xingqiu. However, Yelan has proven to be a unique character that can fit multiple roles within a team composition.

Layla’s Elemental Burst, Dream of Star-Stream Shaker, allows her to create a Celestial Dreamsphere that constantly deals Cryo damage in a large area. The Dreamsphere triggers Frozen by interacting with the DoT effects of Yelan’s Depth-Clarion Dice. All the player has to do is deploy all three Elemental Bursts and swap to Wanderer who serves as the party’s main DPS.

Faruzan’s Dazzling Polyhedron additionally shreds the opponents’ resistances which increases the incoming damage. The Frozen reaction keeps the enemies grouped which allows Wanderer to hit multiple targets with his Normal Attacks during the hovering state that can be activated by his Elemental Skill, Song of the Wind. The skill’s passive effect also increases Wanderer’s Crit Rate by 20% since it’s in contact with Layla’s Cryo element.

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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