GTA Online May Get Fast Travel Feature

A recent survey hints at Rockstar Games considering adding a fast travel feature to Grand Theft Auto Online, but it may be for a limited group.

A recent survey indicates that GTA Online could get a fast travel feature in the future. The survey was sent out to a limited number of GTA Online players, seeking feedback on potential features in Rockstar Games titles.

GTA Online will be hitting its decade anniversary next year, and the game is still going strong. While many players are looking to the future and the in-development GTA 6, there may still be some new functionality getting added to GTA Online in the future.


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GTA Online players were sent surveys with the offer of an in-game GTA$ reward for responding to it. It was specifically sent with regards to the GTA+ subscription service, asking players what features they used the most and least, but two new features currently unavailable in the game were also mentioned: fast travel and free access to existing Rockstar Games titles. No further information is available from official Rockstar Games channels, but players have been able to infer some possibilities from the survey.

Currently, GTA Online lacks the ability to easily jump from place to place like players can with Red Dead Redemption 2‘s fast travel feature. That feature let players choose from a variety of cities and outposts to quickly travel to for an in-game fee. It was a sensible addition, considering Red Dead Redemption 2‘s map is larger than GTA Online‘s, and players don’t have a massive fleet of automobiles and flying craft to call upon to shuttle them from one area to the next. Even so, some players might like to see a fast travel function be added to GTA Online or even GTA 6, as the map can still take some time to traverse.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of this survey is that it’s specifically focusing on GTA+ features. This service requires a monthly fee, and comes with a variety of perks for players, like discounts and in-game bonuses. The idea of adding a fast travel feature as an additional perk is something many GTA+ players would likely enjoy, but it could potentially put non-subscribers at a significant disadvantage. Moving quickly from place to place could help players to rapidly access and complete jobs, thus allowing them to earn GTA$ faster.

Of course, while the disadvantage would likely be unwelcome by non-subscribers, the overall GTA Online service is completely free, so it’s fairly understandable for subscribers to get a few special perks. Most long-time players of the game have not only acquired a large number of vehicles to get around quickly, but also unlocked functions like the in-game limo service. Whether or not a fast-travel function is added to GTA Online or launches with GTA 6 remains to be seen, but with any luck, it won’t upset the balance of the game.

GTA Online is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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