Here’s Why Elden Ring Players Should Use Bubble Shower Against Dragons

An Elden Ring player shared a video showing how effective the Bubble Shower skill can be when used against dragons. Elden Ring has enthralled players worldwide with its challenging gameplay, vast world, and diverse selection of weapons and abilities. Among these skills is Bubble Shower, a unique ability associated with the Envoy’s Long Horn weapon. While it may appear whimsical and harmless at first glance, the Bubble Shower skill has proven to be a surprisingly effective tool against some of the game’s most fearsome opponents.


One of the most intriguing aspects of Elden Ring is its dynamic combat system, which encourages players to experiment with different strategies to overcome various challenges. The Bubble Shower skill, which releases a torrent of magic bubbles, has become a topic of discussion in the gaming community for its effectiveness against a particular type of enemy in Elden Ring: dragons.

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Recently, a player who goes by the username rancidbeaztz1983 on Reddit shared a video of them fighting Dragonlord Placidusax, one of the most challenging bosses in Elden Ring. To the surprise of many, rancidbeaztz1983 effortlessly defeats the dragon by employing the Bubble Shower skill to their advantage. What’s more, they managed to avoid taking any damage and beat the dragon boss in less than a minute, demonstrating the incredible potential of this seemingly innocuous ability.

As mentioned earlier, the Bubble Shower skill from Elden Ring is unique to Envoy’s Long Horn weapon and has an FP cost of 16. It deals 72 stance damage or 92 if all bubbles hit the target. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to break the enemy’s poise if a lot of bubbles connect, making it particularly useful against enemies with large hitboxes, such as dragons. This enables players to effectively exploit their opponents’ weaknesses and secure a victory.

The video shared by rancidbeaztz1983 has sparked a wave of interest in the Bubble Shower skill, with players eager to replicate this success against other dragon-type enemies in the game. It highlights the importance of experimentation and adaptability in Elden Ring, as players may discover that an unconventional approach can yield remarkable results.

While the Bubble Shower skill may not be suitable for every combat scenario, its effectiveness against Dragonlord Placidusax has certainly turned heads in the Elden Ring community. Players who previously overlooked the Envoy’s Long Horn and the Bubble Shower skill may now be more inclined to give this unique ability a try. Its potential against dragons in Elden Ring reminds players that even the most seemingly innocuous skills can be powerful tools in the right circumstances.

Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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