Hogwarts Legacy Quest to Find Demiguise Statues Has Weird Implications for Gladwin Moon

Hogwarts Legacy players can’t help but notice a bizarre connection with Gladwin Moon and the locations in which they find Demiguise Statues for him.

Gladwin Moon is the caretaker of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during the events of Hogwarts Legacy, and the side quest that sends players off to collect Demiguise statues bears some rather bizarre implications on his activities. Like many of the characters in Hogwarts Legacy that comprise the faculty staff, Gladwin Moon is responsible for teaching the protagonist one of the game’s numerous spells. In Moon’s case, he instructs the players how to pick locks in Hogwarts Legacy using the Unlocking Charm Alohomora.


This essential Hogwarts Legacy spell finally grants access to the Hospital Wing in Hogwarts, and allows players to collect the last three House Crests to open the chest in their Common Room for the Daedaelian Keys side quest. However, the reason why Gladwin Moon teaches the players Alohomora in the first place is to have them remove a set of Demiguise statues scattered throughout Hogwarts and the outlying hamlets. According to Gladwin, he has an embarrassingly irrational fear of Demiguises due to an unfortunate encounter from his time in Korea as a child, and he believes that someone is planting the statues in places that Moon frequents in a frustrating effort to terrify him.

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While some would consider this a flimsy excuse to send players off across the wilderness in Hogwarts Legacy, many of these Demiguise statues seem to be located in rather suspicious areas. Namely, while the statues would in the castle and Hogsmeade make sense, a great deal of them can also be found inside cottages belonging to numerous witches throughout the greater Hogwarts Valley. As a result, many fans such as OneFloppyDisk have started to speculate that Gladwin Moon has been sleeping around.

Given how meticulous and thorough Avalanche has been in bringing the Wizarding World to life at an unprecedented level and scale, this detail concerning Gladwin Moon hardly seems a coincidence. From Ominis Gaunt’s unique way of traversing the castle, to the portraits in the hallway playing music, the open world in Hogwarts Legacy was built to be immersive, and to independently exist from the player character interacting with it.

Collecting all the statues for Gladwin Moon will give players the opportunity to rank up their Alohomora spell to the third level, allowing them to break through every possible lock found in the game. While Alohomora is needed to gather all the collectibles found in Hogwarts Legacy, players who are starved for future content will have to remain patient. The developers have stated that there are no DLC plans for Hogwarts Legacy at launch, implying that it may be some time until fans see a new adventure set in the Wizarding World that the team at Avalanche so lovingly created.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. PS4 and Xbox One ports release on April 4, whereas the Nintendo Switch version arrives on July 25, 2023.

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