Indiefoxx Calls Indefinite Twitch Bans ‘Cruel and Unusual Punishment’

The popular Twitch streamer known by the moniker Indiefoxx has recently claimed that indefinite bans from the Amazon owned platform are cruel and unusual forms of punishment. With Twitch having a reputation for these types of bans, the streamer decided to speak up on the matter that has plagued many of the platform’s content creators.

Despite Twitch being a popular platform for many people to stream live content, sometimes the people who create content and make a living via the live-streaming service are hit with bans that are often due to breaking the Twitch terms of service, but sometimes these bans seem to happen out of nowhere and can even be for indefinite amounts of time. Streamer Indiefoxx is no stranger to this type of ban. After being banned from the platform for nearly two years, Indiefoxx’s ban was finally lifted, allowing her to return to the account that helped grow her audience. Despite being welcomed back to the platform, the streamer recently had some choice words to say about how Twitch is handling bans.


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In a recent tweet, Indiefoxx stated that indefinite bans from Twitch are cruel and unusual forms of punishment to streamers. She elaborated on the statement by claiming that for those who make a full-time living via streaming, not knowing when one will be able to continue their work is an awful punishment. Since Indiefoxx has firsthand experience with long bans, it only makes sense for her to speak up on the matter.

Although there is a large variety of Twitch drama, bans are one of the most notorious issues that streamers have to face in their careers. Instead of giving streamers indefinite bans, Indiefoxx thinks a better solution would be to ban streamers for one month at first since that would already be punishing enough, and the platform should avoid permanently banning streamers altogether, unless there’s a legal issue involved.

It sometimes seems as though big-name Twitch streamers are getting banned nearly every day. Even though these bans can be warranted, Indiefoxx may be onto something when it comes to the nature of banning streamers indefinitely. Not only are these bans frustrating to many fans of streamers, but long bans cut into people’s livelihoods. Unless the reason for banning is severe, Twitch may benefit from Indiefoxx’s idea of just implementing one-month bans to start off, so creators can at least realize what they’ve done wrong and learn from the mistake instead of being forced into exile for an unknown amount of time.

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