James Marsden On What It Would Take To Play Cyclops Again

Few X-Men characters are as iconic as Cyclops, the team’s leader and one of the original members. Actor James Marsden brought the character to life in the first three X-Men films, and he’s willing to return if Marvel Studios asks.

Marsden played Cyclops in the X-Men films from 2000 to 2006, with a short cameo in 2014’s X-Men: Days Of Future Past. His performance was praised throughout the world by fans and critics. Even though the franchise has experienced many changes since then, Marsden has fond memories of playing Cyclops, and he’s excited about the possibility of returning to the role.


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In a recent interview with The Wrap, Marsden expressed his willingness to return as Cyclops if the opportunity arises. “Sure, yeah. I mean, I’m all about material and what the story is, what the character would be doing, but it’s a character I’ve played that is very close to my heart,” Marsden said when asked if he would rejoin the cast of X-Men to reprise his role if Marvel Studios were to reach out to him. “You know, that family, I miss it dearly. We created a very special thing in the first couple of X-Men movies and yea, I’d love to explore that, but I’d want to see what that looks like first, I guess.”

Marsden’s comments have generated a lot of buzz among fans, who are excited to see the beloved character return to the franchise. In the original X-Men films, Cyclops was portrayed as a stalwart leader. However, fans hope to see a more complex and nuanced portrayal of Cyclops in future appearances. Many are also eager to see more exploration of Cyclops’ relationship with Jean Grey, a.k.a Dark Phoenix, which was an iconic Marvel Comics storyline.

Marsden’s potential return as Cyclops also raises interesting questions about how the X-Men franchise will fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). While it is unclear when the X-Men will debut in the MCU, many fans are eager to see how the characters interact with established heroes like the Avengers.

Overall, Marsden’s comments about his willingness to return as Cyclops have generated a lot of excitement among X-Men fans. However, it remains to be seen whether Marvel Studios will reach out to him, as the studio has not yet announced any plans for a new X-Men film or series.

An X-Men reboot is in development at Marvel Studios.

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