Kao the Kangaroo Gets Spooky New DLC Levels for Halloween

3D platformer Kao the Kangaroo is getting a set of Halloween-themed levels and skins for the season. This is a reboot on the older 3D platforming series, where developer Tate Multimedia launched it earlier this year on a variety of consoles, including the Switch. This is more niche platforming title among some of the more recognizable franchises like Crash Bandicoot or Rachet and Clank, where it garnered average review scores from critics and fans. Despite this, the developers are still providing an update for the Halloween season.

With the Halloween season upon gamers, plenty of games are providing seasonal updates in order to celebrate the spooky Fall season. This can range from Halloween-themed online events for multiplayer games, to simply cosmetic updates for players to terrorize others with. Kao the Kangaroo is no exception, as it is giving fans a set of spooky extras in a DLC known as Oh! Well.

This new trailer for Kao the Kangaroo outlines what fans can expect, starting off with a purple recolored skin of Kao himself, while exploring a deep purple dimension void as well. This is known as the Eternal Wells, where the trailer touts five additional levels for the player to conquer. This includes obstacles ranging from perilous pits, to a section where players will have to scale up a wall. There’s even a set of wheels that the player will be hopping between as well.

The DLC trailer also briefly shows off Kao the Kangaroo‘s combat, where he can be seen fighting a new enemy that is shaped like a pink heart. From there, other challenges can be seen, such as the aforementioned spinning wheels that the player will jump between, to a slippery ice slide that Kao will go down. The end of the trailer even teases a set of new enemies that players will contend with, such as a ghastly purple monkey with a hammer, a bird with a similar color scheme, or a set of enemies that are behind them.

Players can also earn five suitably spooky Halloween-themed skins in this DLC, with the aforementioned purple recolor being one of them. The teaser also shows off a greenish zombie-like skin that can also be unlocked in-game. The trailer announces that players can get this DLC now, where players can get ready for the spooky season early in these levels and cosmetics.

Kao the Kangaroo Oh! Well DLC is available now for Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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