League of Legends is Reworking One of the Game’s Most Controversial Champions

League of Legends’ reveals the details for an upcoming rework to one of the game’s most contentious characters.

League of Legends has revealed that the upcoming Patch 13.5 will feature a major rework for one of the MOBA’s most controversial Champions, Yuumi. The globally popular MOBA from Riot Games has regularly used reworks as a way to shift a Champion’s playstyle when the developer feels its kit has become outdated or missed the mark. The studio launched a major overhaul of Aurelion Sol earlier this month, changing core elements of the cosmic dragon to make him more intuitive for players. Now, one of the game’s most contentious champions is next on the schedule.


Since her debut in League of Legends in 2019, Yuumi has been one of the most controversial Champions in the MOBA with both passionate haters and defenders. The magical cat sports a playstyle that focuses around attaching herself to allies and providing buffs and healing, all while making herself untargetable. She has consistently been a powerful pick for the game’s Support position and frequently appears at the highest tiers of competitive play. Riot would reveal late last year that a Yuumi update was in the works and, now, lead designer Phroxzon has shared more details.

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Riot Games’ Matt Leung-Harrison, also known as Phroxzon, shared the details of the upcoming Yuumi rework set to hit the game in Patch 13.5. Yuumi’s healing will be moved off her E and onto her passive, prioritizing landing her Q skillshot in order to grant heals. Yuumi’s rework also introduces a new Friendship mechanic for the Champion, with her abilities gaining bonus effects when attached to her “Best Friend.” Several other minor changes have been added to the Champion as well, like the ability to steer her Ultimate while attached as well as healing allies.

Phroxzon also shared some of Riot’s mindset and goals with the Yuumi rework as well as a significant change to her pricing. Yuumi’s price in League of Legends‘ in-game shop will be reduced to just 450 Blue Essence, the lowest tier for playable characters, and re-positions her as a starter Champion. Phroxzon emphasized the importance of Yuumi for “bringing new friends into the game” with an easy-to-learn playstyle that rewards duo queued players. The rework prioritizes making her better for the average player while curbing her power at the pro level.

Yuumi’s rework has come amid several champion relaunches both throughout the past year and planned in 2023 for League of Legends. Last year saw the long-awaited Udyr rework, completely overhauling the champion’s visual theming, lore, and abilities. Riot has also previously confirmed a major Skarner rework is in the works with the scorpion champion expected to be receiving a significant update later this year. The Yuumi rework will look to make playing the magical cat a better experience for regular League of Legends players.

League of Legends is available now for PC.

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