Metal Gear Solid 2 Gets Third-Person Camera Mod

In celebration of Metal Gear Solid 2’s 20th anniversary, one fan mods the game to implement a set of third-person camera controls.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary for Metal Gear Solid 2, one fan has released a mod that gives the game a set of third-person controls. This entry in the franchise is remembered for a number of reasons, such as its incredibly mind-boggling narrative, innovative gameplay, and social and political commentary that some fans still resonate with today.

Like the first game, Metal Gear Solid 2 uses a more static perspective than other games in the franchise, being locked to certain angles. Starting with Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, the games would implement a more free moving, interactive third-person camera that more modern gamers might be familiar with. Since MGS2 never got a camera mode like this even after it was re-released, one modder took it upon themselves to implement this perspective.


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This mod was created by Boris Larin, or oct0xor, who stated this control scheme and perspective were what the game “deserved.” This mod is exclusively available to the PC version of the game, Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, where it implements the controls of Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence. This mod was showcased in a trailer that was released a few months ago, but now the mod has officially been released for fans to experience themselves, known as “The Substance of Subsistence” or SOS for short.

According to Larin, since Metal Gear Solid 2 never had any code that could use a normal third-person camera in the game, the method of implementing it required them to reverse engineer MGS3: Subsistence along with rewrite and script parts of MGS2: Substance. The GitHub page for the mod notes that all MGS2 mods require patching the game, which also can cause compatibility issues, which is why they also included a universal mod loader to hopefully smooth out the process.

With this mod completed, Larin reiterates that this mod will only work with PC versions of Substance, meaning that any other platform won’t be a viable option, including the HD re-releases on Xbox and PlayStation. A follow-up tweet from Larin also notes it’s not possible to legally obtain these versions of the game on PC, as MGS2 and MGS3 ran into licensing issues that resulted in both games being pulled from digital stores last year. Larin’s final tweet asks if Konami could renew the licenses and even offers to help implement their mod into a possible re-release.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance was released for PC, PS2, and Xbox.

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