Overwatch 2 Ashe Player Uses Dance Emote to Avoid Sigma Ult

An Overwatch 2 Ashe player uses the dance emote available to most heroes to avoid an enemy Sigma Ultimate that may have otherwise killed them.

An Overwatch 2 Ashe player has cleverly used the dance emote to dodge a potentially deadly Sigma Ultimate ability. Activision Blizzard’s hero shooter provides a wide array of offensive and defensive abilities in Overwatch 2 for players to select their ideal characters, but the emotes so rarely come into the battlefield equation that this clip is extraordinary.

Reddit user The_Swede37 has clipped a game-ending moment in which they dodge a last-minute Sigma Ultimate from the enemy team by using the dance emote to move their hit box out of the area of effect. Because of her damage output, Ashe clips are typically of the Overwatch 2 hero using her Ultimate to clear enemies utilizing the strength of B.O.B. while getting some shots in of her own, but The_Swede37’s video shows an alternate take on her toolkit. Sigma’s Ultimate ability throws Overwatch 2 heroes up and down if they’re in a circular area of effect, but players apparently don’t have to run away to avoid the attack in those few moments that Sigma announces himself.


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The_Swede37’s clip begins with the Ashe player facing the Sanctuary capture point in the returning Overwatch map Busan from one side of the central drum as they eliminate an enemy Ana and their ally Zenyatta heals others with Transcendence. As the final moments of the match count down, a Sigma on the opposing team popped their Ultimate ability to the left of The_Swede37 who uses the dance emote to dodge the Gravitic Flux in desperation. Ashe narrowly sidesteps the Sigma Ultimate by shuffling from one direction to the other while the Victory screen pops up, resulting in what’s being hailed by the Overwatch 2 community as an incredible flex.

Many Ultimates and other Overwatch 2 abilities are designed to be counters to other characters, but it’s also clear that some emotes can be used in the same way in circumstances like the one The_Swede37 captured. Although the kill feed showed The_Swede37 and an ally eliminated Ana as they neared Victory, the Sigma Ultimate was slightly too late to do any damage as they were doomed to lose regardless of how many heroes their Gravitic Flux defeated. Outdoing their dance a moment before, The_Swede37 concludes their clip by knocking back the aggressive Sigma with a coach gun blast.

Overwatch 2 is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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