Pokemon Fan Creates Ghost-Type Eeveelution

Eevee has been one of the most popular creatures in the Pokemon franchise since its earliest days and a talented artist has created a papercraft figure of a Ghost-type evolution. The world of Pokemon never ceases to inspire the franchise’s community, and Eevee has always been a favorite among artists in the community.

Known for its ability to evolve into various types, this Pokemon offers a boundless canvas for imagination and creativity among fans. Eevee was introduced back in the series’ first games, Pokemon Red and Green, and had three evolutionary forms, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. At the moment, Eevee has eight different evolution lines with Sylveon being the most recent one, added in Gen VI.


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A Reddit user by the name Antyyy has created an impressive paper craft figure of a Ghost-type evolution for the popular Pokemon known as Eevee. The post was well received in the community as it attracted over 800 upvotes on Pokemon‘s official subreddit with many comments praising the innovative design. Fans claim that it’s great to see a real-life 3D model design approach since most fan-made Eeveelutions are just 2D concepts. The artwork features ghostly characteristics such as hunting eyes, wispy fur, and a garnet-colored tail end, all of which make the concept feel like a mysterious supernatural creature.

A lot of fans in the comment section have shared their thoughts about this Ghost-type Pokemon concept, commending the artist for their creative approach while also suggesting a move set that the new Pokemon could use. While the artist did not mention the name of the new Pokemon, a lot of comments have suggested some interesting names such as Emoeon, Eerieon, or Wispeon, which seems to be the fan-favorite.

Ghost is one of the rare types that are effective against other Pokemon that have the same type. This means that this fan-made concept would be effective against Ghost and Psychic types, and weak against Ghost and Dark Pokémon types. Some comments have also pointed out that, unlike all the other Eeveelutions, this one resembles Eevee the most as the artist did not make the model size much larger than the original Pokemon.

As the series keeps expanding and introducing new Pokemon and gameplay mechanics, fans keep creating their own pieces of art that are inspired by some of the franchise’s most iconic creatures. The total number of Pokemon has exceeded 1,000 with the recent Pokemon Scarlet and Violet game, and many fans are excited to see how Game Freak will implement all the new types in Eevee’s evolution line in the future.

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