Pokemon Fan Designs Zombie Version of Bulbasaur

A digital illustration of this Pokemon fan art transforms a cute and adorable Bulbasaur into a zombie, just in time for Halloween.

A Pokemon fan has designed a zombie version of Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur is Pokemon #001 in the Pokedex and in some fans’ hearts, which is why this Pokemon can be so popular to make fan art of, and in this case, just in time for Halloween.

Bulbasaur was first introduced in 1996, appearing as one of the starter Pokemon in Pokemon Red and Blue. It later shows up in other Pokemon games and the anime, with Bulbasaur being one of Ash’s main Pokemon for the first season. Since its first appearance, Bulbasaur has gained popularity among the fan-base for being cute and powerful. Enthusiastic fans have also been known to create different ‘versions’ of this creature, like Bulbasaur as a cinnamon roll. However, while other fan-arts have been on the cuter side, Halloween inspires scarier interpretations.


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Reddit-user Tom_par posted their own version of Bulbasaur as a zombie. While the colors of the Pokemon remain true to its source, the flesh of the creature looks like it is melting off. There are some parts of its body where even the skeleton is showing, like its head where the skull is half exposed. The plant, or bulb, part of Bulbasaur seems to have been replaced by worms, or maybe something that resembles a brain. Zombie Bulbasaur is just one of Tom_par’s creations that they shared on their Reddit, with their page displaying a zombie Charmander and the overall drawing process of that digital piece. Tom_par is not the only user to create Halloween inspired fan-art, as another player designed Halloween-themed evolutions of Bulbasaur.

The Pokemon community often expresses their appreciation for everything the franchise has to offer across multiple media platforms. This can come in forms of sharing Pokemon they designed themselves, fan art, speed runs, impressive collections and many more. Pokemon is treasured among all ages, and apparently even species, as one fan included their pets in a Pokemon video, where their cats reenacted part of the game dressed up as a trainer and Bulbasaur.

The digital illustration was praised among the Reddit Pokemon community, with one user pointing out that they would still pet it. For those fans that would prefer not to get close to this zombie Bulbasaur, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet teases three new Pokemon for them to enjoy, one of which was officially revealed. But for fans that are looking for more Pokemon content in the spirit of Halloween, there are some realistic designs that are quite scary, such as Gengar and other ghostly Pokemon.

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