Pokemon Fan Gets Creative Anniversary Gift from Their Girlfriend

A Pokemon fan received a special card from their girlfriend to celebrate one year of dating. Players will often use video games in order to honor special milestones in their lives, especially Game Freak’s RPG series, and gamers have used Pokemon to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and more.

One special event that fans will use Pokemon to celebrate is anniversaries. Couples who love the franchise will find creative ways to observe their special days, which often times include their favorite pocket monsters. One fan of the series has received a special gift from their girlfriend in honor of their first anniversary featuring the Pokemon Squirtle and Scizor.


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A Reddit user known as Neaeran posted an image of a special card that they received from their girlfriend, which was themed after a Pokemon TCG card, and is called “The Anniversary.” The image on the piece is designed after the classic sprites found in older Pokemon games, with a couple standing in the middle with a Scizor and Squirtle placed beside them. According to Neaeran, these are the couple’s favorite pocket monsters. The card says “Happy Anniversary” on it and features the words “Forever together” on the bottom. The work also has the date that the couple began dating, as well as an attack called “Will you be with me another year?” The piece is incredibly cute and is perfect for Pokemon fans who want to celebrate their romantic milestones.

Neaeran’s post has garnered a number of fans as it currently sits at over 3,000 upvotes. A number of users stated that Neaeran needs to marry their girlfriend, while a good number asked where they can get a Pokemon card like this. A few commenters mentioned that Neaeran’s girlfriend is a keeper, with a few wishing they had a significant other who would get them such a card. The piece is very creative and helps solidify one of the bonds that the couple has.

Neaeran is not the only one who received an anniversary gift based on Pokemon from their girlfriend. A Redditor named Roienn777 was given a present from their significant other that featured a number of pocket monsters. The gift was a diorama that had six Pokemon along with two trainers representing the duo inside, with a heart sitting between the couple. The front of the piece has the text “Training together since 07/02/2021,” the day that the two began dating. According to Roienn777, the creatures in front of the male trainer represent their three favorite Pokemon while the three in front of the female trainer represent their girlfriend’s most loved. The presents that Roienn777 and Neaeran received are incredibly thoughtful and feature a lot of attention to detail on their girlfriend’s parts.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will release for the Nintendo Switch on November 18.

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