Pokemon Fan Makes Impressive Chespin Crochet Animation

An artist and Pokemon enthusiast has brought a Chespin to life in a unique style. Though a near-limitless amount of Pokemon fan art exists on the internet, this one stands out among the crowd.

With the series being as long-running and storied as it is, it’s relatively easy to seek out whatever type of strange Pokemon fan art might strike one’s fancy. There’s IP-blending fan art, hyper-realistic fan art, creepy fan art, and so much more. Plus, there’s a whole host of physical art out there, including sculptures and stuffed animals, too. Suffice it to say, if someone can think of a type of Pokemon fan creation, it exists.


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So with such a glut of content, it must be exceptionally challenging to make a mark on the Pokemon community. Reddit user Kooale325 has done just that, however. With an incredible level of detail, they built a 3D render in the distinct style of a crochet stuffed animal. They then animated the Chespin with a few idle bounces and a gesture. The effect is akin to something out of Toy Story or, more accurately, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, therefore elevating the already-cute Pokemon to an extremely adorable level.

What’s truly impressive about the Chespin is the accuracy that Kooale325 was able to capture with the crocheted style. Looking closely reveals the meticulous attention that was paid to crafting the Pokemon, like the detailed stitching and the fine yarn fuzz surrounding the entire Chespin. The eyes reflect light dynamically as the Chespin bounces and moves. This collection of little details gives the impression of looking at a real stuffed animal come to life. And this is far from the only such project that Kooale325 has created. This Chespin is part of an ongoing effort to craft every starter Pokemon, and that’s aside from the other Pokemon projects the artist is working on.

It’s art like this that enables viewers to imagine Pokemon in new ways and helps inspire new types of Pokemon media and stories. Fan art is a big part of the franchise’s community and helps keep the flame of interest lit between releases, and in this way, makes it an integral part of Pokemon’s success.

With all the new info on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, not to mention the variety of other Pokemon properties that are constantly in the gaming sphere, there’s no way the incredible fan art is going to dry up. And even if they aren’t all as technically impressive as Kooale325’s work, they are certainly welcome and will only add to the community.

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