Pokemon Fan Shares Regional Gible Evolutionary Line Concept

A creative Pokemon fan shared their latest creation, an original artwork depicting a regional version of the Gible evolutionary line. First introduced in the fourth generation of Pokemon, Gible is a popular dual-type Dragon/Ground pocket monster. This small dragon-like creature with its tiny arms and large mouth filled with sharp teeth evolves into Gabite at level 24 and Garchomp at level 48 and has appeared in all generations of Pokemon games since the release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in 2006.


The cute yet dangerous appearance of Gible made this Pokemon popular among players, who regularly search for ways to capture it in Pokemon games. Players enjoy the Gible evolutionary line so much that when they stumbled upon shiny versions of Gible in Pokemon GO in 2019, some were disappointed because it meant the adorable dragon-like creature wouldn’t get its own Community Day and would remain a rare sight in Niantic’s AR game. The developer listened to its community and dedicated a Community Day to Gible two years later, letting players finally complete their Pokedex by evolving Gible into Gabite and Garchomp.

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A Pokemon player known as the_elastic_band on Reddit shared their latest artwork, showcasing a new regional version of the Gible evolutionary line. This variant grants Gible and its evolutions a new Ground/Poison dual-type to replace the original Dragon/Ground one. The final evolution of Gible is no longer Garchomp with this regional version, but Garswamp, a name fitting its new dual-type and overall look inspired by swamp amphibians. The color palette of the entire evolutionary line goes along with their dual type, with their body being mainly light brown and their heads, legs, and tails colored an electric blue.

In the comments to this Reddit post, players complimented the artist on their artwork and the clever renaming of Garchomp into Garswamp. Some tried to come up with new abilities for these Pokemon, while others tried to find puns for the Pokemon’s names, like Gablight instead of Gabite or Garbage for Garchomp. The artist shared their inspirations for this design, revealing that they based the drawing on swamp amphibians like newts, as well as prehistoric species like Koolasuchus.

Pokemon fans regularly share their original artwork on social media, showing their designs inspired by iconic pocket monsters, their regional variants, or even their Paradox forms, a new type of creature introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Some artists have created 3D adaptations of popular Pokemon cards, and others invented new mega evolutions for their favorite pocket monsters. Twenty-seven years after its initial release, Pokemon keeps on inspiring artists all over the world, and the upcoming release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s DLC should bring even more content for them to recreate.

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