Pokemon Fan Shares Voltorb Paradox Form

A creative fan of the Pokemon series shows off a conceptual Paradox Form for Voltorb who is perhaps best known for resembling a Pokeball.

The Paradox Forms introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have inspired a fan to create an interesting concept imagining Voltorb as a Paradox Pokemon. Voltorb is an Electric-type Pokemon that was first introduced in Pokemon Red and Blue and has also made appearances in the anime. The Pokemon is known for its volatility; it often explodes at the slightest provocation. One Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player trying to catch a Shiny Voltorb found this out the hard way.


Voltorb also appears in Pokemon Legends: Arceus with a unique Hisuian form. Unlike the Kantonian variety, Hisuian Voltorb is much friendlier but has an annoying tendency to inadvertently shock people and other Pokemon in its excitement. The Hisuian form differs from the original in that it has a wood-like grain on its bottom half and also has a dual Electric/Grass typing. Hisuian Voltorb is considered a nuisance much like its ill-tempered Kantonian cousin, often being kicked out of human settlements with the hole in its head plugged to prevent it from discharging electricity.

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Reddit user HertzBurst has created a Paradox Form for Voltorb called Iron Float based on navigational buoys that are used to mark reefs or other hazards. The design is fitting in the context of Voltorb since it is considered a hazardous Pokemon. Iron Float has been given a powerful Water/Electric typing; its only weaknesses would be Grass and Ground types. One can only imagine encountering such a dangerous creature while playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Iron Float doesn’t appear to be any friendlier than Voltorb either. In fact, it has been given scary-looking red on black eyes.

Voltorb continues to be troublesome in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as some players struggle to catch them thanks to their tendency to self-destruct. If the conceptual Iron Float has a similar temperament, it could prove disastrous if a tired swimmer confuses it with an actual buoy and approaches it in hopes of taking a rest. Judging by the look in Iron Float’s eyes, it probably would enjoy nothing more.

The Pokemon community is exceptionally creative and imaginative, and Voltorb has enjoyed some attention in the form of interesting fan concepts. One Pokemon fan created a Voltorb concept inspired by Elden Ring for an unusual example. The Pokemon’s simple design makes it an easy candidate for fan art, but the creativity behind concepts like Iron Float indicates that the Pokemon community has a lot of love for the ill-tempered Voltorb even if it doesn’t share the sentiment.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now for Nintendo Switch.

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