Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leaks Potentially Show Fuecoco’s Final Evolution

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks surface online showing a new Pokemon called Skeledirge, which is allegedly Fuecoco’s final evolution. After the recent leaks surrounding Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Fuecoco and Smoliv’s middle-stage evolution and Paldean Tauros, soon after the final trailer of the reveal cycle for Gen 9, a new set of images popped online showcasing the fiery crocodile’s final evolution. Fuecoco’s middle-stage evolution, Crocalor, was evidently from a genuine picture of the game, and the fact that Nintendo forced leak aggregators to take it down hours after it was posted more than confirms its veracity.


It’s unclear what the source of this new Fuecoco-related leak is, considering that the person who got their Pokemon Scarlet and Violet copy early seemingly decided to step away from the spotlight and stopped posting leaks altogether. Still, there’s a fairly high chance that the new leaks showing Skeledirge are actually real for several reasons, including the fact that a prominent Pokemon leaker called Riddler Khu correctly revealed one of the critter’s design features months ago.

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Skeledirge is allegedly a Fire/Ghost-type Pokemon, based on the leaks surrounding Gen 9 games, and the images that appeared online seem to confirm as much with the pocket monster’s appearance delving into skull and bone themes to a degree. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s latest leaks showing Skeledirge, posted on Twitter by a leak aggregator called PearlEnthusiast, are likely real because of the hints Riddler Khu provided in the past, with Fuecoco’s evolution having a flaming bird on its snout, which this creature seemingly has. The first picture of Skeledirge makes the “flaming bird” harder to see, as it’s in typical Paldean Pokedex style based on previous reveals and trailers, but it’s clearer in the second image.

Skeledirge does seem to get rid of several characteristics from Fuecoco and Crocalor, however, replacing the distinct yellow patches on the crocodile’s body with huge white stripes. Much like several Ghost-type Pokemon in the franchise, Skeledirge also has some purple hues embedded in its design, and it appears to have a purple tongue and mouth, which it could use for its signature attacks, as it’s currently dubbed “Singer Pokemon.” This is also in line with Riddler Khu’s Pokemon Scarlet and Violet hints about Fuecoco’s evolution, which was said to be a quadrupedal Pokemon that sometimes stands up to use singing moves.

It’s also worth noting that Skeledirge’s body texture seems different in the white areas and the red areas, with the latter being more scaly, like crocodiles. Considering the amount of work that goes into designing fake Pokemon, the probability that the Skeledirge leaks are real is actually high, especially when one factors in the setting and the Pokedex details, which seem consistent with past images of the game. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released in ten days, and it’s already clear that some copies are out in the wild, making more potential leaks likely to surface in the next few hours and days.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release on November 18 for Nintendo Switch.

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