Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Player Takes Screenshot at Perfect Time When Picking Their Starter

The Nintendo Switch’s screenshot feature works at the perfect time for one Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player as they take the perfect shot.

The Nintendo Switch’s screenshot feature worked perfectly when a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player snapped a shot at the most coincidental time, when picking their own starter. The popular monster-catching RPG has many opportune times for taking pictures, including its own camera mode that allows the player to pose with their Pokemon just to get that amazing shot, be it for humor or otherwise. However, the best pictures come from the more unsuspecting moments, such as when the player is told to pick their own starter at the beginning of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


When the player first starts out in they are introduced to the three starters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet from which they can choose: Sprigatito, Quaxly, and Fuecoco, representing Grass, Water, and Fire types respectively. Once they take a walk with them to the mansion across from their house, they are then shown a cutscene displaying the three and their personalities, before introducing the player to their rival, Nemona, and giving the player the choice to choose between the three starters, after which they will be allowed to continue on with the story. It was just as the player picked one that this photo was made before being posted to r/PokemonScarletandViolet.

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When Reddit user HazelNuggetless decided to snap a screenshot of the Pokemon that they chose, the Grass-type starter Sprigatito, when the Switch took the picture at the most perfect moment. As seen in the screenshot, the player is looking at their newly-chosen Sprigatito, with the text box at the bottom displaying just the word “Yo,” which is only the beginning of the sentence “You chose Sprigatito!” However, in the screenshot, it looks like the Grass-type starter is greeting the player.

With this perfect shot, HazelNuggetless said they found their new favorite image, and it’s easy to see why. The Nintendo Switch’s screenshot feature is actually fast, taking the shot nearly at the same time as pressing the button. What makes this so perfect is that the text speed in this text box is rather fast, so the timing would have to have been frame-perfect just to get it at this point.

Only time will tell if this picture will find its way further into the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet community. While the community itself is full of passion and art, like making 3D-printed figures of the starters, it is also well-known for its memes. This one fits perfectly for such memes, especially with the creature shown, as Sprigatito in the Pokemon community has a nickname that fits with this picture more than ordinarily. As more and more people play the game, it is more than assured that screenshots such as this will become more commonplace on Reddit.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available to play on Nintendo Switch.

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