Razer Launches Customizable PS5 Controller

Razer has just announced its latest new controller, the Wolverine V2 Pro, which is designed specifically with PlayStation 5 and its unique DualSense feature set in mind, and whose main draw is the fact that users can freely swap its control modules however they want. While modular controllers are not a new concept in and of themselves, they’re hardly mainstream, and their priciness is usually one of the main reasons for relatively low adoption rates. At $249.99, the Wolverine V2 Pro may be no exception.


Razer aims to combat this with Wolverine V2 Pro, which combines the rich features of a regular PS5 DualSense controller with substantially improved flexibility and customization options. One of the more notable facts about this controller is that it’s been developed under the official PlayStation licensing program, meaning Sony approved its design at some point during its development.

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Features-wise, Wolverine V2 Pro goes far beyond Razer’s new Xbox controller design. On top of leveraging Razer’s Hyperspeed Wireless 2.4GHz connectivity for minimum latency, Wolverine is also supposed to have a shorter actuation distance on all inputs, and the product page also promises substantially improved long-term durability of the switches. Razer Wolverine V2 Pro’s most interesting features are its customizable control modules, however. Each trigger can be tuned for specific pull distances, for example, while sticks can be switched out on the fly, depending on the user’s preferences.


Razer Wolverine V2 Pro also comes with six remappable buttons on the backside of the controller, adding even more functionality to an already impressively flexible product. Overall, it appears to be competing with Sony’s DualSense Edge controller rather than any baseline gamepad, but this also comes with a price tag increase. Indeed, Wolverine V2 Pro will set the buyer back by a hefty $249.99, making it a premium-tier product in every sense of the word.

While reliability is yet to be determined in a real-world use case, it seems that Razer has taken things to a new level when compared to Microsoft’s own Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers, which haven’t been iterated upon all that much. And, of course, Wolverine V2 Pro is fully compatible with Windows operating systems, which includes Xbox consoles as well, making it a key competitor on every relevant gaming ecosystem.

In many ways, Wolverine V2 Pro is one of Razer’s most impressive products yet. For those who don’t mind the price tag, it seems to provide support for just about every kind of use, though it remains to be seen how reliable it is over a long period of time. In other related news, Razer is aiming to compete with Steam Deck with its Razer Edge streaming console, though it’s worth pointing out that Edge lacks almost all the noteworthy features of Wolverine V2 Pro, making it a less interesting input device.

Razer Wolverine V2 Pro releases on December 31.

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