Red Dead Online Player Describes Heartwarming Interaction With Old Player

An avid fan of Red Dead Online recently took to Reddit to describe a wholesome time they had after crossing paths with an older player. It’s a story that really serves as a reminder that video games are a medium that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people.

It’s fairly common for online games to see toxic behavior between players, and with the freedom to play out one’s wild west outlaw fantasies, Red Dead Online has had its fair share of player interactions that range from frustrating acts of griefing to hilarious chaos. But in a break from all that, Reddit user Zone_The_Director took the opportunity to help out a newer player, even going so far as to say they performed a good deed and wanted to share their experience with others.


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Zone’s story starts with them wandering in Red Dead Online’s Great Plains when they spot another player on his horse chasing a pronghorn and trying to lasso it, only to crash into a rock, go flying off his horse, and land next to them. Seeing that the player was only level 21, Zone messaged him to see if he needed help. Since the other player seemed to not know how to accept a group invite, Zone initially assumed he was a kid, only to discover he’s actually 55, about twice Zone’s age.


Going on, they said the 55-year player had just gotten an Xbox and Red Dead Online was one of the games he wanted to play first, on account of the old westerns he watched growing up. To that end, Zone, being a level 340 player, helped him get a better handle on the game’s controls, showed him how to hunt more efficiently, and told him about things like Red Dead Online’s roles and ability cards, as well as which guns are worth getting. The two ended up playing for six hours, and Zone said that they plan to help them unlock the Trader role throughout the coming week.

In closing, Zone mentioned that their new friend is a caretaker in real life and doesn’t have many opportunities to leave home or talk to other people, and that he was really grateful that Zone showed him the ropes. For all the toxicity gamers can face online, it’s nice to be reminded that games can also be a way for people to make meaningful connections, even one like Red Dead Online where it’s easy to get caught up in cowboy shenanigans.

Overall, the response to Zone’s Red Dead Online post has been positive, with plenty of people agreeing it was a sweet interaction. That said, plenty of older gamers took issue with the implication that being in one’s fifties makes them “old.” What constitutes oldness is ultimately a matter of perspective, but this story goes to show that while video games tend to be marketed more towards younger audiences, they are enjoyed by players of all ages.

Red Dead Online is available for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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