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This story does not contain spoilers for the Season Three finale of The Mandalorian. You’re safe—for now.

My fellow smugglers, aliens, and Force-sensitive green babies: happy Mandalorian finale week. It’s been a journey, hasn’t it? Two months ago, when I decided to recap the entire season, I was but a boy, wistful and naive.

Now, I have become what I always was: a grown man writing about a show designed, in part, for children. It’s all good! You’re here. I’m here. We’re having fun. We even put together a bunch of our favorite finale theories from Reddit in anticipation of the upcoming last episode of this season. Now, while the Mandalorian Forge is red-hot, it’s time to get entirely ahead of ourselves and start discussing Season Four of The Mandalorian—which has been thrown slightly out of whack by some recent news. More on that soon. For now, here’s everything we know about the future of The Mandalorian so far.

The Mandalorian Season Four Is Happening, Right?

Absolutely. The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau has already confirmed that Season Four is a go. “I’ve written it already,” Favreau told French news station BFMTV. “We have to know where we’re going to tell a fully formed story. We had mapped it out, [Ahsoka showrunner] Dave [Filoni] and I, and slowly you start to write each episode. I was writing it during post-production. All of it has to feel like a continuation and one full story.”

There you go—the man even has a script. Though even in that tidbit, Favreau tipped his cap to the shared-universing of Star Wars on Disney+. “There’s a lot more things that we’ve got to keep in mind and also stuff that we’ve built up to from previous seasons of The Mandalorian as well,” Favreau continued, referencing upcoming series like Ahsoka and The Skeleton Crew. Of course, we know where this is going, let’s talk about the movie.

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What’s This About a Mandalorian Movie?

Now, if you didn’t catch the big Star Wars Celebration reveal that Filoni will unite the Disney+ Star Wars series in one “culminating” film, head over here, read up, and double back. Ultimately, I’m happy about the news. Esquire cover star Pedro Pascal? And Grogu? On the big screen? I’d never fight that.

There’s one tough part about the news, though. In fact, it explains perfectly why, all of the sudden, The Mandalorian, a show that was once praised for its relatively low stakes, big-banged into a dozen or so plots this season. I’d imagine that sometime after Season Two, Disney figured that a Mandalorian movie was a safe bet to resurrect its big-screen slate. This was about a year and a half after Avengers: Endgame made a bazillion dollars; the Disney+ experiment was young, and we didn’t quite understand the perils of interconnected storytelling like we do now.

Disney’s new film plans, simple enough: Bring back Rey. Whip up an origin story for the Jedi Order. Combine all of the Disney+ series into one giant movie. Makes sense. It’s just that you’re already seeing all the cinematic-universe red flags pop up in The Mandalorian, especially in last week’s episode. All of the heroes return home, where they’re supposed to be, so that they’re ready to fight when the Thanos-level threat presents itself. If anything, Andor reminded us all that there are different ways to tell franchise stories. It can be done! After Star Wars Celebration, it’ll be increasingly hard to see The Mandalorian as anything other than a means to an Endgame-esque conclusion. Hopefully, Wednesday’s finale gives us something more than a big ol’ CGI throwdown to look forward to.

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