Rihanna’s Super Bowl Stage Gets Compared to Smash Bros.

Some viewers of the Super Bowl bring attention to the unexpected similarities between Rihanna’s halftime show and Super Smash Bros.

During the Super Bowl halftime show, a few eagle-eyed viewers came to the realization that Rihanna’s halftime performance looked an awful lot like Super Smash Bros. This caused an onslaught of hilarious tweets comparing Rihanna’s stage to the stages and platforms seen in the popular Nintendo fighting game.

Being one of the most popular fighting games to exist, Super Smash Bros. is known for its platforms that are displayed from one perspective, showing all the players brawling across the screen in order to be left as the standalone victor. Through the years the beloved Nintendo title has been many gamers’ go-to party game to enjoy among friends or cause fights between siblings. It’s been a staple for many childhoods, and this has caused a few watchers of the Super Bowl to notice the glaring similarities between the brawler title and the halftime show.


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Rihanna’s halftime performance has been highly anticipated ever since it was announced several months ago, but some viewers noticed that her stage looked eerily similar to the levels seen in Super Smash Bros. Although video games were present at the Super Bowl, it’s probably safe to assume that no one was expecting for Rihanna’s stage to look like Kirby and Ness were about to come out and challenge the “Umbrella” singer to a fight. The performance has left Twitter in a frenzy with the comparisons trending on the site.

A few quick and clever Twitter users have already managed to make some hilarious edits to drive home the point even further. With Super Smash Bros. being one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises, it only took a few seconds for some viewers to connect the dots and jump on the opportunity to make some funny internet content. Some tweets have even left people wondering if Rihanna is actually a fan of the games. Only time will tell if she decides to make a statement confirming or denying those suspicions, but it’s a pretty entertaining coincidence regardless.

Out of all the many successful video games that have been released through the years, Super Smash Bros. remains one of the most defining Nintendo titles in the history of gaming. Although Rihanna’s halftime performance shouldn’t be overshadowed, it’s difficult to not recognize the incredible similarities between the Super Bowl performance and the game. It’s highly unlikely that the similarities are intentional, but the internet is currently very grateful for the surprising coincidence due to the opportunity to make some quality game-themed jokes.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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